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I. The Common Moviegoer

(the current rankings; recent reviews and reports)


Films Seen 2018

New Releases Seen 2018 (organized by rating)

Current Reviews on Letterboxd


Films Seen 2017

New Releases Seen 2017

"7 The Hard Way" (thoughts on the films of 2017) -- NEW!

2017 TIFF Wavelengths coverage for MUBI: Experimental Short Films

2017 TIFF capsules for Cinema Scope

2017 MoMI First Look: "On Resistance" report for MUBI

2017 Crossroads Festival report for MUBI

2017 True/False Film Festival coverage (home-game)

2017 New Directors / New Films coverage (home-game)

I talk about porn as art (for Vice, natch)


Films Seen 2016

New Releases Seen 2016

2016 TIFF Wavelengths coverage for MUBI: Experimental Short Films

2016 TIFF Wavelengths coverage for MUBI: Feature Films

2016 TIFF capsules for Cinema Scope

2016 MoMI First Look: "A Matter of Visibility" report for MUBI

2016 Ann Arbor Film Festival / 2016 SF Crossroads Festival (HOPEFULLY REPOSTED SOON)

Interesting Times: The Year in Avant-Garde Film w/ Jordan Cronk, for Fandor

2016 Top Thirty


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A General Introduction to What Goes On Here

Some Axioms

Nothing but Top Ten Lists (in progress - 1900-2012; added: Nice Biscotts #2 [2005]; Associations [1975])

Notes on Older Films (all future notes will appear on Letterboxd)


II. Lines of Light

(experimental film and video, by maker; festival reports)


- LAURIE ANDERSON (Heart of a Dog, for the Nashville Scene)

- BRUCE BAILLIE (for the Nashville Scene)

- CRAIG BALDWIN (interview about Mock Up on Mu, for Cinema Scope)

- ROBERT BEAVERS (for the Nashville Scene)

- JAMES BENNING (RR, for the Nashville Scene)

- JOSHUA BONNETTA (for Cinema Scope)

- LOUISE BOURQUE (for the Images Festival - essay on p. 41)

- STAN BRAKHAGE (for the Nashville Scene)

- STEPHEN BROOMER (Brébeuf, for Broomer essay collection)

- SHIRLEY CLARKE (The Connection, for the Nashville Scene)

- NAZLI DINÇEL (for Cléo) - NEW

- NATHANIEL DORSKY (The Return, for Mubi)

- DUKE & BATTERSBY (Here Is Everything, Hallwalls exhibition)

- HEINZ EMIGHOLZ (Two Museums, Reverse Shot)

- KEVIN JEROME EVERSON (Park Lanes, for Cinema Scope)

- VALIE EXPORT (Touch Cinema and counter-surveillance, for Discourse)

- HARUN FAROCKI (obituary, for

- LUKE FOWLER (for Cinema Scope) - NEW

- DOMINIC GAGNON (of the North, for Reverse Shot)

- DAVID GATTEN (mostly on the Byrd films, for Cinema Scope)

- JOHN GIANVITO (interview about Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind, for Cinema Scope)

- VINCENT GRENIER (for Moving Image Source)


- CHRISTOPHER HARRIS (for Cinema Scope)

- PHILIP HOFFMAN (All Fall Down, for Cinema Scope)

- MIKE HOOLBOOM (Public Lighting, Hallwalls exhibition)

- PETER HUTTON (obituary / career span, for Cinema Scope)

- KEN JACOBS (on recent 3D films, for Mubi)

- WILLIAM E. JONES (interview about Tearoom, for Cinema Scope)

- JON JOST (Speaking Directly, for the Nashville Scene)

- SHAMBHAVI KAUL (for Cinema Scope)

- PATRICK KEILLER (Robinson in Ruins, for Cinema Scope)

- CASPAR KELLY ("Too Many Cooks," Storified tweets)

- JEAN-PAUL KELLY (Figure-ground, A Minimal Difference, Movement in Squares, for Cinema Scope)

- LYNN MARIE KIRBY (the Latent Light Excavation series, for Cinema Scope)

- HARMONY KORINE (Trash Humpers with Mike D'Angelo, for the Nashville Scene)

- GEORGE KUCHAR (The Devil's Cleavage / Hold Me While I'm Naked, for the Nashville Scene)

- SALOMÉ LAMAS (Eldorado XXI, for Cinema Scope)

- OWEN LAND (Dialogues, for Cinema Scope)

- DANI LEVENTHAL 1 (Hallwalls exhibition)

- DANI LEVENTHAL 2 (Tin Pressed)

- MARK LEWIS (Invention and others, for Cinema Scope)

- ROSE LOWDER (Bouquets 11-20, for Mubi)

- MARTÍN / PERANSON (La Última Película, for the Nashville Scene)

- BILL MORRISON (The Great Flood, for the Nashville Scene)

- JENNI OLSON (The Royal Road, for Cinema Scope)

- PETER BO RAPPMUND (Topophilia, for Cinema Scope)

- JENNIFER TODD REEVES (When It Was Blue, for Cinema Scope)

- NICOLAS REY (autrement, la Molussie, for Cinema Scope

- BEN RIVERS 1 (Slow Action, for Gallery TWP / TIFF)

- BEN RIVERS 2 (his short films, for Cinema Scope) (also available in Czech)

- RIVERS / RUSSELL (interview about A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness, for Cinema Scope)

- MICHAEL ROBINSON (for Cinema Scope)


- BEN RUSSELL (Let Each One Go Where He May, for Cinema Scope)

- LYNNE SACHS (for the Nashville Scene)

- SYLVIA SCHEDELBAUER (for Cinema Scope)

- P. ADAMS SITNEY (curated program, for the Nashville Scene)

- MICHAEL SNOW (Wavelength and Heidegger, for Qui Parle)

- PHIL SOLOMON (Crossroad and Rehearsals for Retirement, for Cinema Scope)

- ERIKO SONODA (for Cinema Scope)

- LIONEL SOUKAZ (for Fandor Keyframe)

- SCOTT STARK (The Realist, for Mubi)

- CAVEH ZAHEDI (In the Bathtub of the World and festival politics)


- 2014: The Deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner - Documents of Barbarism (for Mubi)

- 2014 TIFF Wavelengths Preview (for Mubi)

- 2013 TIFF Wavelengths Preview (for Mubi)

- 2013 TIFF Wavelengths: Three Masters (for The Dissolve)

- 2013 Images Festival (for Cinema Scope)

- 2013: The Wrong Man - In Memory of Sunil Tripathi (for Cargo)

- 2012 Ann Arbor Film Festival (for Mubi)

- 2011 TIFF Wavelengths Preview (for Mubi)

- 2010 TIFF Wavelengths Preview (for Mubi)

- 2009 TIFF Wavelengths Preview: Part One and Part Two (for Mubi)



III. The Funky Diegesis

(longer pieces on narrative cinema, documentaries, &c.)


- ALEJANDRO ADAMS 1 - Canary (roundtable for mubi)

- ALEJANDRO ADAMS 2 - Amity (cs)

- WES ANDERSON - Fantastic Mr. Fox (cs)

- THOMAS ARSLAN 1 - In The Shadows (reverse shot)

- ANNA BILLER - The Love Witch (cs)

- BERTRAND BONELLO - overview (reverse shot)

- BONG JOON-HO - Snowpiercer (cs)

- ANDREW BUJALSKI - Computer Chess (nash)

- JANE CAMPION - Top of the Lake (cs)

- DAMIEN CHAZELLE - Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench (nash)

- DENIS CÔTÉ - Vic + Flo Saw a Bear (cs)

- MICHAEL CURTIZ - Mildred Pierce (nash)

- TERENCE DAVIES - The Deep Blue Sea (cs)

- MANOEL DE OLIVEIRA 1 - The Strange Case of Angelica (cs)

- LAV DIAZ - A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery (cs)

- BRUNO DUMONT 1 - Li'l Quinquin (cs)

- BRUNO DUMONT 2 - Camille Claudel 1915 (cs)

- RICHARD DUTCHER - overview (cs)

- ELOY ENCISO - Arraianos (reverse shot)

- ASGHAR FARHADI - A Separation (cs)

- RAINER WERNER FASSBINDER - World on a Wire (nash)

- PASCALE FERRAN - Lady Chatterly (cineaste)

- ALEKSEI GERMAN - Hard to Be a God (reverse shot)

- NIKOLAUS GEYRHALTER 1 - Abendland and Danube Hospital (mubi)

- NIKOLAUS GEYRHALTER 2 - Homo Sapiens (village voice)

- NIKOLAUS GEYRHALTER 3 - Over The Years (mubi) - NEW

- ALAIN GUIRAUDIE - overview (thessaloniki film festival) [coming soon]

- DEBRA GRANIK - Winter's Bone (cargo)

- HAMAGUCHI RYUSUKE - Happy Hour (cs)

- MAHAMET-SALEH HAROUN - A Screaming Man (cs)

- MARY HARRON - The Notorious Bettie Page (cineaste)

- HAL HARTLEY - interview about Ned Rifle (filmmaker mag)

- TODD HAYNES - Mildred Pierce (nash)

- AMY HECKERLING - Vamps (cs)


- CHRISTOPH HOCHHÄUSLER - The City Below (reverse shot)

- HONG SANG-SOO - A Tale of Cinema (cs)

- SPIKE JONZE - Where the Wild Things Are (cs)

- MANI KAUL - obituary / Duvidha (cs)

- AKI KAURISMÄKI - Le Havre (criterion) (also available in Greek)

- ABBAS KIAROSTAMI - Certified Copy (mubi)

- JUHO KUOSMANEN - The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki (mubi) - NEW

- PABLO LARRAÍN - No (nash)

- MIKE LEIGH - Another Year (nash)

- DAVID LYNCH 1 - Twin Peaks: The Return (filmmaker mag) - NEW

- LECH MAJEWSKI - The Mill and the Cross (nash)

- GABRIEL MASCARO - August Winds (reverse shot)

- NICOLÁS PEREDA - overview (reverse shot)

- ALEX ROSS PERRY - interview about The Color Wheel (cs)


- MAURICE PIALAT - A nos amours. (av club)

- LAURA POITRAS - The Oath (nash)

- MATTHEW PORTERFIELD - Putty Hill (cargo)

- MOHAMMAD RASOULOF - overview (cs)

- KELLY REICHARDT 1 - Wendy & Lucy (cineaste) - ADDED

- KELLY REICHARDT 2 - River of Grass (av club)

- ALAIN RESNAIS - Wild Grass (nash)

- JACQUES RIVETTE - The Duchess of Langeais (cineaste)


- FRANK V. ROSS - Tiger Tail in Blue (cs)

- DAN SALLITT - The Unspeakable Act (cs)

- SHIN SANG-OK - A Flower in Hell (reverse shot)


- ALEXANDER SOKUROV - Alexandra (cs)

- TODD SOLONDZ 1 - Life During Wartime (nash)

- TODD SOLONDZ 2 - Dark Horse (nash)

- TODD SOLONDZ 3 - Wiener-Dog / interview (filmmaker mag)

- PAOLO SORRENTINO - overview (cs)

- JAN SVANKMAJER - Lunacy (cs)

- LARS VON TRIER - Nymphomaniac (cs)

- THE WACHOWSKIS / TYKWER - Cloud Atlas (cs)

- YASMIN AHMAD - overview (reverse shot)

- YING LIANG - When Night Falls (cs)

- RAMON ZÜRCHER - The Strange Little Cat (cs)

- ANDREI ZVYAGINTSEV - Elena (reverse shot)


- All my work for Cinema Scope

- All my work for Mubi

- All my work for the Nashville Scene



IV. A Hundred Flowers in Bloom (web links)  


V. Viewer Mail (contact me here)



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