All films from U.S.A. unless otherwise specified.

(- seen on video; / repeat viewing; [v] video piece; [p] paracinema (installation, etc.), [s] short, under 30 minutes; [m] medium length, 30-69 min; * grade changed upon repeat viewing)



The Business of Strangers (Patrick Stettner) [6]

-Sobibor, October 14, 1943, 4 PM (Claude Lanzmann, France) [8]

Impostor (Gary Fleder) [5]

Kandahar (Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Iran) [7]

Princesa (Henrique Goldman, Brazil / Italy / Germany) [3]

/Intimacy (Patrice Chéreau, France / U.K.) [6]

Little Otik (Otesánek) (Jan Švankmajer, Czech Republic) [8]

Gosford Park (Robert Altman) [7]

[The following thirteen entries were experimental films I viewed while serving as a juror for the SFIFF. As you can see, some of the submissions are by avant-luminaries, and others will clearly never see the light of day.]

-H (Filippo Riva, Spain) [s] [4]

-france vs. spain (Stephanie Barber) [s] [5]

-Camouflage (Jonathan Hodgson, U.K.) [s] [5]

-Fight the Cinema! (Gerd Gochell and Ute Heuer, Germany) [s] [3]

-Fear of Blushing (Jennifer Reeves) [s] [7]

-I My Bike (Ken Paul Rosenthal) [s] [3]

-The Girl From Marseilles (Cathy Lee Crane) [s] [7]

-Explicit (Robert Lyons) [s] [2]

-How to Name the Bigger Light (Tara Knight) [s] [6]

-Clip (4000f) (Robert Todd) [s] [6]

-The Ape of God, or How to Expunge a Malignant Cerebral Melanoma Through Strict Meditation and a Dry Wit (Ryan Schubert) [s] [4]

-36-365 (Joan Nidzyn) [s] [7]

-Dark Dark (Abigail Child) [s] [6]


-As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty (Jonas Mekas) [7]

-In July (Fatih Akin, Germany) [6]

-Petits freres (Jacques Doillon, France, 1999)

Dark Blue World (Jan Sverák, Czech Republic) [4]

[Jury duty, part two – five entries]

-dear XXX (Daniel Cavey) [s] [4]

-Vessel Wrestling (Lisa Yu) [s] [8]

-Time Piece (Tamara Trace, U.K. / U.S.A.) [s] [4]

-Technical Aids (X Kasumi) [v/s] [2]

-Pharmacy (Bruce Checefsky, Hungary) [s] [8]


The Funeral (Abel Ferrara, 1996)

Everything Put Together (Marc Forster, 1999)

Aberdeen (Hans Petter Moland, Finland / U.K.) [7]

[Jury duty, third act – sixteen entries]

-Laquiem (Andrée Greenwell, Australia) [s] [5]

-Man! (John Palmer) [s] [6]

-Life (Audrey Schebat, France) [s] [4]

-A Longer Journey (Merlyn M. Bilas) [s] [4]

-Psycho Shower (Chun-hui Wu, Taiwan) [s] [6]

-Sea Concrete Human (Michael Palm, Austria) [s] [6]

-Exposed (Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria) [s] [5]

-Dream Work (For Man Ray) (Peter Tscherkassky, Austria) [s] [8]

-Copy Shop (Virgil Widrich, Austria) [s] [7]

-Mit mir (With Me) (Kerstin Cmelka, Austria) [s] [5]

-Et In Arcadia Ego (Kerstin Cmelka, Austria) [s] [4]

-Sharkie (Francien van Everdingen, Germany) [s] [3]

-That’s That (Aaron Sharp) [s] [3]

-Funkstille (Boris Dornbusch, Germany) [s] [5]

-Decasia (Bill Morrison) [m] [6]

-What These Ashes Wanted (Philip Hoffman, Canada) [s] [7]


-Voyages (Emmanuel Finkiel, France / Poland, 1999)

Lantana (Ray Lawrence, Australia) [7]

/-Exotica (Atom Egoyan, Canada, 1994)

The Wide Blue Road (Gillo Pontecorvo, Italy, 1957)

Brotherhood of the Wolf (Christophe Gans, France) [3]

The Mothman Prophecies (Mark Pellington) [6]

-Brigham City (Richard Dutcher) [6]

-Bad Company (Jean-Pierre Améris, France, 1999)

The Kiss (Thomas Edison, 1896) [s]

Kiss (Andy Warhol, 1963) [m]

Christmas on Earth (Barbara Rubin, 1963) [m]

The Long Goodbye (Robert Altman, 1973)

I Am Sam (Jessie Nelson) [4]

-Ms. 45 (Abel Ferrara, 1981)



Metropolis (Rintaro, Japan) [7]

What Time Is It There? (Tsai Ming-liang, Taiwan / France) [8]

-Opening Night (John Cassavetes, 1977)

Birthday Girl (Jez Butterworth, U.K.) [6]

Aria (Yervant Gianikian / Angela Ricci Lucchi, Italy, 1994) [s]

From the Pole to the Equator (Yervant Gianikian / Angela Ricci Lucchi, Italy, 1986)

Nice Guys Finish Last (Robert B. Martin, Jr.) [s] [3]

Party 7 (Katsuhito Ishii, Japan) [8]

/Werckmeister Harmonies (Béla Tarr, Hungary) [9]

Beijing Bicycle (Wang Xiaoshuai, China) [6]

Cops (Edward F. Cline / Buster Keaton, 1922) [s]

/Duck Soup (Leo McCarey, 1933)

Corruption of the Damned (George Kuchar, 1965) [m]

Circus Girls (Walter Gutman, 1971) [m]

Color Me Shameless (George Kuchar, 1967) [m]

T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G (Paul Sharits, 1968) [s]

Storytelling (Todd Solondz) [3]

Monster’s Ball (Marc Forster) [7]

Super Troopers (Jay Chandrasekhar) [7]

Black Hawk Down (Ridley Scott) [4]



-Don’t Say a Word (Gary Fleder) [3]

Last Orders (Fred Schepisi, U.K.) [4]

Time of Favor (Jospeh Cedar, Israel) [4]

-Kick the Moon (Kim Sang-Jin, South Korea) [6]

Obaachan’s Garden (Linda Ohama, Canada) [6]

Scratch (Doug Pray) [8]

The Son’s Room (Nanni Moretti, Italy) [7]

Harmful Insect (Akihiko Shiota, Japan) [9]

Conjugation (Emily Tang, China) [6]

Flesh (Paul Morrissey, 1968)

Monsoon Wedding (Mira Nair, India) [7]

Italian for Beginners (Lone Scherfig, Denmark) [6]

Garden Path (Stan Brakhage and Mary Beth Reed) [s] [5]

Micro-Garden (Stan Brakhage) [s] [6]

/The Earth Song of the Cricket (Stan Brakhage, 1999) [s]

/Cricket Requiem (Stan Brakhage, 1999) [s]

Cannot Exist (Stan Brakhage, 1994) [s]

Cannot Not Exist (Stan Brakhage, 1994) [s]

/Autumnal (Stan Brakhage, 1993) [s]

Spring Cycle (Stan Brakhage, 1995) [s]

Lovesong 3 (Stan Brakhage) [s] [6]

Lovesong 4 (Stan Brakhage) [s] [7]

Betelnut Beauty (Lin Cheng-sheng, Taiwan) [5]

Kissing Jessica Stein (Charles Herman-Wurmfeld) [3]

The Blue Angel (Josef von Sternberg, Germany, 1930)

N.Y.N.Y. (Francis Thompson, 1957) [s]

Here I Am (Bruce Baillie, 1962) [s]

Angel Blue Sweet Wings (Chick Strand, 1966) [s]

FFFTCM (Will Hindle, 1967) [s]

Schmeerguntz (Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley, 1966) [s]

Third Eye Butterfly (Storm de Hirsch, 1968) [s]

Arnulf Rainer (Peter Kubelka, Austria, 1958-60) [s]

/The White Rose (Bruce Conner, 1967) [s]

July ‘71 in San Francisco, Living at Beach Street, Working at Canyon Cinema, Swimming in the Valley of the Moon (Peter Hutton, 1971) [m]

Night Movie #1 (Self-Portrait) (Diana Barrie, 1974) [s]

The Bladderwort Document (Janis Crystal Lipzin, 1978) [s]

Flight of Shadows (Michael Mideke, 1973) [s]

The Riddle of Lumen (Stan Brakhage, 1972) [s]

/Fuji (Robert Breer, 1974) [s]

/Shift (Ernie Gehr, 1972-74) [s]

31/75: Asyl (Kurt Kren, Austria, 1975) [s]

Masquerade (Lawrence Jordan, 1981) [s]

The Gardener of Eden (James Broughton and Joel Singer, 1981) [s]

Gloria! (Hollis Frampton, 1979) [s]

-The Sid Saga (Sid Laverents, 1985)

Multiple SIDosis (Sid Laverents, 1970) [s]

IWWF (Stan Smith and Kathy Maas) [v/s] [4]

Fifty / Fifty (Peninsula Movie Makers) [v/s] [6]

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Peter Jackson, U.S.A. / New Zealand) [5]

Resident Evil (Paul W. S. Anderson) [2]

Slow Gin Soul Stallion (Animal Charm, 1995) [v/s]

Lightfoot Fever (Animal Charm, 1996) [v/s]

Whitney: Mama’s Little Baby (Lawrence Elbert) [v/s] [3]

The Little Big (Pierre Yves Clouin, 1999) [v/s]

The 100th Undone (Jacqueline Goss) [v/s] [7]

Getting Stronger Every Day (Miranda July) [v/s] [8]

Das Zauberglas (The Magic Glass) (Bjørn Melhus, Germany, 1991) [v/s]

Industrial Synth (Seth Price) [v/s] [5]

-Secret Défense (Jacques Rivette, France, 1997)

Escaflowne (Kazuki Akane, Japan) [3]

Arabic Numeral Series (Stan Brakhage, 1980-81)

-Peppermint Candy (Lee Chang-dong, South Korea) [7]

A Song For Martin (Bille August, Denmark / Germany / Sweden) [6]

A Taxi For Three (Orlando Lübbert, Chile) [5]

Musa the Warrior (Kim Sung-Su, South Korea) [5]

Blade II (Guillermo del Toro) [7]

Panic Room (David Fincher) [6]

Death to Smoochy (Danny DeVito) [6]

Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (François Girard, Canada, 1993)

-Wild Reeds (André Téchiné, France, 1994)

-I Stand Alone (Gaspar Noe, France, 1998)

-Pulse (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Japan) [7]

No Such Thing (Hal Hartley, U.S. / Iceland) [8]



Nights of Constantinople (Orlando Rojas, Cuba) [7]

/Decasia (Bill Morrison) [6]

Failan (Song Sye-sung, South Korea) [7]

Big Bad Love (Arliss Howard) [2]

Fulltime Killer (Johnnie To and Wai Ka-fai, Hong Kong) [8]

Bay of Angels (Jacques Demy, France, 1963)

-The Apartment (Billy Wilder, 1960)

Go for Broke (Wang Guangli, China) [7]

Rivers and Tides (Thomas Riedelsheimer, Germany) [4]

/Free Radicals (Len Lye, New Zealand / U.K., 1958 / revised 1979) [s]

Voodoo (Fred Worden, 1976) [s]

Automatic Writing 2 (Fred Worden) [s] [6]

The Or Cloud (Fred Worden) [s] [9]

One (Fred Worden, 1998) [s]

Journey to the Sun (Yesim Ustaoglu, Turkey / Germany, 1999)

Trouble Every Day (Claire Denis, France) [9]

What’s Wrong With This Picture? parts 1 and 2 (Owen Land [George Landow], 1972) [s]

Breath (Andrej Zdravic, 1976) [s]

Bicycle (Chuck Hudina, 1975) [s]

Goats (Michael Mideke, 1977) [s]

Cargo of Lure (Jim Hoberman, 1974) [s]

/Gulls & Buoys (Robert Breer, 1972) [s]

/Barn Rushes (Larry Gottheim, 1971) [m]

Picture and Sound Rushes (Morgan Fisher, 1973) [s]

Y tu mamá también (Alfonso Cuarón, Mexico) [9]

Last Wedding (Bruce Sweeney, Canada) [5]

Read My Lips (Jacques Audiard, France) [3]

The Inner Tour (Ra’anan Alexandrowicz, Israel) [5]

El Bola (Achero Mañas, Spain) [4]

Veloma (Marie de Laubier, France) [3]

/Trouble Every Day (Claire Denis, France) [9]

/Couch (Andy Warhol, 1964) [m]

Cet amour-lá (Josée Dayan, France) [3]

-Splitting (Gordon Matta-Clark, 1974) [s]

Up and Out (Christian Marclay, 1998) [v]

/Y tu mamá también (Alfonso Cuarón, Mexico) [9]

The Chelsea Girls (Andy Warhol, 1966)

Harvard Man (James Toback) [8]

-A Petal (Jang Sun-woo, South Korea, 1995)

[The following 15 entries were student films at Berkeley. As per custom, I have not rated them, except for the two included works by professional media-makers.]

Love Picture (Ian Kibbey) [v/s]

Dreams of Wingless Flight (Maryam Gharavi) [v/s]

/My Window (Franck Rey-Herme) [v/s]

K.I.P. (Nguyen Tan Hoang) [v/s] [6]

Do a Little Dance (Keren Albala) [v/s]

Sometimes I Wonder... (Vince Navarro) [v/s]

‘Traveling’ (Erick Fefferman) [v/s]

Simple (NM) [v/s]

Counterfeit Film (Brett Simon) [v/s] [3]

/Dream a Life-Like Dream Like Life (Keith Telfeyan) [v/s]

Sweat Pants (John O’Malley) [v/s]

/Before the Pale People (Juan A. Gómez-Quiñones) [v/s]

“Untitled” (Rich Tate) [v/s]

Hair Cut (Matt Constantine) [v/s]

I © GWB (Brenda Jean Grell) [p/v/s]


Human Nature (Michel Gondry, U.S. / France) [4]

Frailty (Bill Paxton) [5]

/Crash (David Cronenberg, Canada, 1996)

Lola (Jacques Demy, France, 1961)

The Pinochet Case (Patricio Guzmán, France) [7]

The Last Waltz (Martin Scorsese, 1978)

Go (Isao Yukisada, Japan / South Korea) [5]

Truly Human (Åke Sandgren, Denmark) [5]

Millennium Mambo (Hou Hsiao-hsien, Taiwan / France) [7] (a very tentative grade)

Pietà (Bruce Baillie, 1998) [s]

/Dream Work (for Man Ray) (Peter Tscherkassky, Austria) [s] [8]

Black Vision (Stan Brakhage, 1962) [s]

Micromoth (Julie Murray) [s] [5]

Photograph of Wind (Lynne Sachs) [s] [4]

Calling All Cars (Alfonso Alvarez) [s] [3]

The Man We Want to Hang (Kenneth Anger) [s] [4]

Hand Eye Coordination (Naomi Uman) [s] [3]

To Re-edit The World (David Sherman) [v/m] [7]

Inch’Allah Sunday (Yamina Benguigui, France) [W/O] (1:15)

Distance (Hirokazu Kore-eda, Japan) [8]

Spirited Away (Hayao Miyazaki, Japan) [Japanese w/ English subs] [8]

One Fine Spring Day (Hur Jin-Ho, South Korea) [8]

-Derrida (Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Kofman, U.S. / France) [v] [7]

Far Away (André Téchiné, France / Spain) [8]

-Trash (Paul Morrissey, 1970)

I Love Beijing (Ning Ying, China) [6]

/I’m Going Home (Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal / France) [9]

Le Grand Tango (Pieter Jan Smit, The Netherlands) [s] [7]

Oporto of My Childhood (Manoel de Oliveria, Portugal / France) [m] [7]

-Sick: The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist (Kirby Dick, 1997)

Waterboys (Shinobu Yaguchi, Japan) [5]

Late Marriage (Dover Kosashvili, Israel / France) [8]

Vivante (Sandrine Ray, France) [4]

-A Chronicle of Corpses (Andrew Repasky McElhinney) [4]

25 Watts (Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll, Uruguay) [7]

In Praise of Love (Jean-Luc Godard, Switzerland / France) [8]

The Ruination of Men (Arturo Ripstein, Mexico / Spain) [5]

/Derrida (Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Kofman, U. S. / France) [v] [7]

-Pistol Opera (Seijun Suzuki, Japan) [9]

/Derrida (Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Kofman, U. S. / France) [v] [7]

May (Lucky McKee) [8]

Rain (Christine Jeffs, New Zealand) [4]

July Rhapsody (Ann Hui, Hong Kong) [4]

/-Uzumaki (Higuchinsky, Japan) [7]*

Daughter From Danang (Gail Dolgin and Vicente Franco) [6]

The Son of the Bride (Juan José Campanella, Argentina) [5]

/Counterfeit Film (Brett Simon) [s] [3]

Cotton Candy (Ernie Gehr) [v/m] [7]

Switch Center (Ericka Beckman / Balazs Bela Studio) [s] [7]

Crepescule: Pond and Chair (Sandra Davis) [s] [2]

This Side of Paradise: fragments of an unfinished biography (Jonas Mekas, 1999) [m]

Going Back Home (Louise Bourque) [s] [6]

Karmen Geï (Jospeh Gaï Ramaka, Senegal / France / Canada) [7]



The Milk of Human Kindness (Dominique Cabréra, France / Belgium) [7]

The Rookie (John Lee Hancock) [6]

Delbaran (Abolfazl Jalili, Iran / Japan) [7]

Dear Fidel: Marita’s Story (Wilfried Huismann, Germany) [8]

The Piano Teacher (Michael Haneke, France / Austria) [6]

Very Annie-Mary (Sara Sugarman, U.K.) [4]

Vulgar (Bryan Johnson) [1]

Dogtown and Z-Boys (Stacy Peralta) [5]

Spider-Man (Sam Raimi) [7]

The Scorpion King (Chuck Russell) [6]

The Salton Sea (D. J. Caruso) [5]

Her Glacial Speed (Eve Heller) [s] [4]

Water Seeking Its Level (Leighton Pierce) [v/s] [4]

Shudder (top and bottom) (Michael Gitlin) [s] [4]

The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal (Matt McCormick) [v/s] [3]

/The Or Cloud (Fred Worden) [s] [9]

Train (Masako Miyazaki) [s] [5]

Pleasures of Urban Decay (Sam Ball) [s] [7]

Impossible Love (Jim Jennings) [s] [6]

The Velvet Tigress (Jen Sachs) [s] [5]

/Fear of Blushing (Jennifer Reeves) [s] [7]

/Copy Shop (Virgil Widrich, Austria) [s] [7]

The Music Room (Satyajit Ray, India, 1958)

Time Out [L’emploi du temps] (Laurent Cantet, France) [8]

Video Quartet (Christian Marclay) [v/s] [5]

Confessions of a Sociopath (Joe Gibbons) [v/m] [8]

On Our Own 2: Toxic Detox (Joe Gibbons and Tony Oursler, 1992) [v/m]

/-Multiple SIDosis (Sid Laverents, 1970) [s]

-Pie In The Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story (Vincent Fremont and Shelly Dunn Fremont) [6]

Nine Queens (Fabián Bielinsky, Argentina) [W/O] (1:14)

The New Guy (Ed Decter) [5]

-Revolution OS (J.T.S. Moore) [2]

-Tart (Christina Wayne) [4]

The Triumph of Love (Clare Peploe, Italy / U.K.) [7]

-Wicked (Michael Steinberg, 1998)

The Cat’s Meow (Peter Bogdanovich) [4]

-The God of Cookery (Stephen Chiau / Lee Lik-Chi, Hong Kong, 1996)

-Tales from the Gimli Hospital (Guy Maddin, Canada, 1988) [m]

-The Dead Father (Guy Maddin, Canada, 1986) [s]

/-Hospital Fragment (Guy Maddin, Canada, 1999) [s]

-Lost Highway (David Lynch, 1997)

Growth (James Fotopoulos, 1999) [s]

Drowning (James Fotopoulous) [s] [8]

Back Against the Wall (James Fotopoulos) [8]

The Cockettes (Bill Weber and David Weissman) [5]

About a Boy (Paul Weitz and Chris Weitz) [4]

/-Not Reconciled, or Only Violence Helps Where Violence Rules (Jean-Marie Straub, West Germany, 1965) [m]

-Drifting Clouds (Aki Kaurismäki, Finland, 1996)

/Time Out [L’emploi du temps] (Laurent Cantet, France) [8]

One Sixth of the World (Dziga Vertov, U.S.S.R., 1926) [m]

Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Don Basin (Dziga Vertov, U.S.S.R., 1931) [m]

Insomnia (Christopher Nolan) [8]

The Lady and the Duke (Eric Rohmer, France) [6]

Some Body (Henry Barrial) [5]

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (George Lucas) [3]

She Puppet (Peggy Ahwesh) [v/s] [7]

Film Ist. 7-12 (Gustav Deutsch, Austria) [7]

A Humble Life (Alexander Sokurov, Russia, 1997) [v]

CQ (Roman Coppola) [4]

-Evening Sacrifice (Alexander Sokurov, U.S.S.R., 1987) [s]

-Simple Elegy (Alexander Sokurov, Russia, 1990) [s]

Days of Eclipse (Alexander Sokurov, U.S.S.R., 1988)



Undercover Brother (Malcolm D. Lee) [7]

Murderous Maids [Les Blessures Assassines] (Jean-Pierre Denis, France) [6]

-The City (Ralph Steiner and Willard Van Dyke, 1939) [m]

The Bridge (Joris Ivens, The Netherlands, 1928) [s]

Rain (Joris Ivens, The Netherlands, 1929) [s]

Borinage (Joris Ivens and Henri Storck, Belgium, 1934) [m]

Philips Radio (Joris Ivens, The Netherlands, 1931) [m]

New Earth (Joris Ivens, The Netherlands, 1933) [m]

/Las Hurdes [alternate English version] (Luis Buñuel, 1933 / 1937) [s]

L’Arrivée (Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 1997) [s]

Hello Skinny (Graeme Whifler, 1980) [s]

Eli’s Moon (Michael Rosas-Walsh) [s] [8]

World Trade Alphabet (Donna Cameron) [s] [7]

L’Ange (Patrick Bokanowski, France, 1982) [W/O] (0:19)

/-The Heart Of The World (Guy Maddin, Canada) [s] [10]

-The Architecture of Reassurance (Mike Mills, 1999) [s]

-Paperboys (Mike Mills) [m] [7]

The City of Lost Souls (Takashi Miike, Japan) [7]

Wendigo (Larry Fessenden) [7]

-Gertrud (Carl Th. Dreyer, Denmark, 1964)

Bartleby (Jonathan Parker) [6]

-Every Day (Hans Richter, U.K., 1969) [s]

-Standard Time (Michael Snow, Canada, 1967) [s]

/-Film in Which There Appear Spocket Holes, Edge Lettering, Dirt Particles, Etc. (George Landow, 1965-66) [s]

-3/60: Bäume im Herbst (Kurt Kren, Austria, 1960) [s]

-Artificial Light (Hollis Frampton, 1969) [s]

Maryam (Ramin Serry) [7]

Cherish (Finn Taylor) [4]

The Sleepy Time Gal (Christopher Münch) [5]

-Portrait of Jason (Shirley Clarke, 1967)

Les Destinées Sentimentales (Olivier Assayas, France) [8]

-The Spanish Earth (Joris Ivens, 1937) [m]

Group (Marilyn Freeman) [7]

CIRCLING ZERO Part One: We See Absence (Ken Jacobs) [v] [8]

-Soft and Hard (Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville, Switzerland, 1986) [v/m]

/Heavy Metal Parking Lot (John Heyn, 1986) [s]

Home Movie (Chris Smith) [m] [7]

/Late Marriage (Dover Kosashvili, Israel / France) [8]

-Freeze Me (Takashi Ishii, Japan) [2]

/Sans Soleil (Chris Marker, France, 1982)

Minority Report (Steven Spielberg) [7]

-Cobra Woman (Robert Siodmak, 1944)

-Bontoc Eulogy (Marlon Fuentes, 1995) [m]

/-What Farocki Taught (Jill Godmilow, 1998) [m]

An Image (Harun Farocki, West Germany, 1983) [s]

Guardian of the Frontier (Maja Weiss, Slovenia) [7]

-Chronicle of a Summer (Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin, France, 1960)

Confession: From the Commander’s Diary (Alexander Sokurov, Russia, 1998) [v] [W/O] (2:10)

Lilo & Stitch (Chris Sanders & Dean Deblois) [4]



-In Search of Our Fathers (Marco Williams, 1995) [m]

Elling (Petter Næss, Norway) [7]

/-Daughter From Danang (Gail Dolgin and Vicente Franco) [5]*

Chronically Unfeasible (Sergio Bianchi, Brazil) [7]

Green Dragon (Timothy Linh Bui) [5]

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (Peter Care) [5]

Lan Yu (Stanley Kwan, Hong Kong) [7]

-Gummo (Harmony Korine, 1997)

-I Don’t Hate Las Vegas Anymore (Caveh Zahedi, 1994)

-Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (David Lynch, 1992)

Lovely & Amazing (Nicole Holofcener) [7]

Dahmer (David Jacobson) [4]

Teenage Caveman (Larry Clark) [v] [9]

Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (Zacharias Kunuk, Canada) [7]

The Palm Beach Story (Preston Sturges, 1942)

The Lady Eve (Preston Sturges, 1941)

-Another Girl, Another Planet (Michael Almereyda, 1992) [v/m]

Road to Perdition (Sam Mendes) [8]

-Sopyonje (Im Kwon-taek, South Korea, 1993)

Romance (Sergio Bianchi, Brazil, 1987)

Umberto D. (Vittorio De Sica, Italy, 1952)

Devdas (Sanjay Leela Bhansali, India) [6]

Dagon (Stuart Gordon, Spain) [3]

The Believer (Henry Bean) [7]

-Dark City (Alex Proyas, 1998)

Master of the Flying Guillotine: Ultimate Edition (Jimmy Wang Yu, Taiwan, 1975 / 2002)

Baran (Majid Majidi, Iran) [4]

-The Life of Jesus (Bruno Dumont, France, 1997)

Sex and Lucía (Julio Medem, Spain) [W/O] (0:58)

Kiss Me Kate [in 3-D] (George Sidney, 1953) [W/O] (0:55)

Gangster No. 1 (Paul McGuigan, U.K.) [5]

Tadpole (Gary Winick) [4]

Unfair Competition (Ettore Scola, Italy) [W/O] (0:38)



-My Sex Life . . . or How I Got Into an Argument (Arnaud Desplechin, France, 1996)

Full Frontal (Steven Soderbergh) [7]

Me Without You (Sandra Goldbacher, U.K.) [4]

Girls Can’t Swim (Anne-Sophie Birot, France) [4] (although honestly, it was a 6 or 7 until the final seven minutes)

Signs (M. Night Shyamalan) [3]

Esther Kahn (Arnaud Desplechin, France / U.K.) [U.S. distributor edit] [8]

/-Teenage Caveman (Larry Clark) [v] [8]*

K-19: The Widowmaker (Kathryn Bigelow) [5]

-Klute (Alan J. Pakula, 1971)

Mademoiselle (Tony Richardson, France / U.K., 1966)

XXX (Rob Cohen) [6]

-All About My Mother (Pedro Almodóvar, Spain, 1999)

Blood Work (Clint Eastwood) [4]

/Irma Vep (Olivier Assayas, France, 1996)

The Good Girl (Miguel Arteta) [3]

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (Robert Rodriguez) [5]

-Green Snake (Tsui Hark, Hong Kong, 1993)

The Kid Stays in the Picture (Brett Morgen & Nanette Burstein) [7]

-L’ennui (Cédric Kahn, France, 1998)

My Wife is an Actress (Yvan Attal, France) [2]

Possession (Neil LaBute, U.K. / U.S.A.) [6]

ivans xtc. (Bernard Rose) [6]

-New Best Friend (Zoe Clarke-Williams) [4]

Blue Crush (John Stockwell) [5]

Undisputed (Walter Hill) [6]

/Soft and Hard (Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville, U.K. / France, 1985) [v/m]

Après la réconcilliation (Anne-Marie Miéville, France / Switzerland) [7]

24 Hour Party People (Michael Winterbottom, U.K.) [7]

Secret Ballot (Babak Payami, Iran / Italy) [5]

2 x 50 Years of French Cinema (Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville, France, 1995) [v/m]

The Old Place (Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville, U.S. / Switzerland, 1999) [v/m]



Swimming (Robert J. Siegel) [W/O] (0:42)

/Cellular Crime (Brett Simon and Lily Prillinger) [v/s] [7]

untitled (Brett Simon) [v/s] [5]

The Flickerflash (Brett Simon) [v/s] [6]

The Girl Who Would Do Anything (Brett Simon, 2000) [v/s]

/Counterfeit Film (Brett Simon) [v/s] [5]*

Good Friday (Brett Simon) [v/s] [3]

The New Step (Brett Simon) [v/s] [6]

A Film for My Unborn Supermodel (Brett Simon, 2000) [v/s]

Switch Fish (Brett Simon, 2000) [v/s]

The End (Brett Simon) [v/s] [6]

Tosca (Benoît Jacquot, France / Germany) [7]

/Metropolis (Fritz Lang, Germany, 1926)

A Public Prosecutor and a Teacher (Yoon Dae-Ryong, Korea, 1948) [m] [w/ byunsa perf. by Shin Chul]

Take Care of My Cat (Jeong Jae-Eun, South Korea) [6]

-To Die (or Not) (Ventura Pons, Spain, 1999)

Waikiki Brothers (Yim Soon-rye, South Korea) [W/O] (1:13)

Swimfan (John Polson) [2]

Bad Guy (Kim Ki-duk, South Korea) [5]

/-NOEMA (Scott Stark, 1998) [v/s]

A Quiet Place in the Country (Elio Petri, Italy, 1968)

Barbershop (Tim Story) [7]

The Business of Fancydancing (Sherman Alexie) [4]

-The Apple (Samira Makhmalbaf, Iran, 1999)

One Hour Photo (Mark Romanek) [7]

Satin Rouge (Raja Amari, France / Tunisia) [6]

Biggie and Tupac (Nick Broomfield, U.K.) [4]

/-Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, 1941)

-The Power of Kangwon Province (Hong Sang-soo, South Korea, 1998)

*Corpus Callosum (Michael Snow, Canada) [7]

His Secret Life [Le Fate ignoranti] (Ferzan Ozpetek, Italy) [5]

Das Experiment (Oliver Hirschbiegel, Germany) [5]

Punch-Drunk Love (Paul Thomas Anderson) [6]

/-Monsters, Inc. (Pete Docter) [7]*

Secretary (Steven Shainberg) [6]

Quitting (Zhang Yang, China) [6]



How I Killed My Father (Anne Fontaine, France / Spain) [5]

/In Praise of Love (Jean-Luc Godard, Switzerland / France) [9]*

Lilya 4-Ever (Lukas Moodysson, Sweden) [3]

Morvern Callar (Lynne Ramsay, U.K.) [8]

Spider (David Cronenberg, Canada / U.K.) [6]

Shadowy Encounters (Gariné Torossian, Canada) [v/s] [1]

London Orbital (Iain Sinclair and Chris Petit, U.K.) [v] [7]

Silence . . . We’re Rolling (Youssef Chahine, Egypt / France) [9]

Ararat (Atom Egoyan, Canada) [6]

Shangri-La (Takashi Miike, Japan) [v] [7]

Oasis (Lee Chang-dong, South Korea) [7]

The Best of Times (Chang Tso-Chi, Taiwan) [5]

Unknown Pleasures (Jia ZhangKe, China / Japan / South Korea) [7]

Blissfully Yours (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand) [9]

Japón (Carlos Reygadas, Mexico) [7]

Paradox Lake (Przemyslaw Reut, U.S. / Poland / Germany) [W/O] (0:25)

The Uncertainty Principle (Manoel de Oliveira, Portugal) [8]

Cry-Woman (Liu Bingjian, Canada / China / France / South Korea) [6]

Pilgrimage (G. R. Kannan, India) [W/O] (0:46)

Between Strangers (Edoardo Ponti, Italy / Canada) [W/O] (0:32)

Kedma (Amos Gitai, Israel) [4]

Brief Crossing (Catherine Breillat, France) [4]

Doing Time (Sai Yoichi, Japan) [8]

10 (Abbas Kiarostami, Iran) [7]

Dolls (Takeshi Kitano, Japan) [5]

The Skywalk Is Gone (Tsai Ming-liang, Taiwan) [s] [5]

The Trigger (Alex Yang, Taiwan) [4]

demonlover (Olivier Assayas, France) [4]

Railroad of Hope (Ning Ying, China) [v/m] [3]

Dance With Farm Workers (Wu Wenguang, China) [v/m] [1]

Blue Skies (Ann Marie Fleming, Canada) [s] [4]

Saint Monica (Terrence Odette, Canada) [3]

Invincible (Werner Herzog, Germany / U.K.) [6]

Bloody Sunday (Paul Greengrass, U.K.) [5]

The Rules of Attraction (Roger Avary) [7]

Family Fundamentals (Arthur Dong) [3]

-Ted Bundy (Matthew Bright) [4]

/Seconds (John Frankenheimer, 1966)

-My Colombian Cousin (Catalina Hoyos Restrepo, U.S. / Colombia) [v/s] [7]

Bowling for Columbine (Michael Moore, U.S. / Canada) [7]

Yojimbo (Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1961)

-Lift (Demane Davis and Khari Streeter) [4]

Intacto (Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Spain) [7]

/Spirited Away (Hayao Miyazaki, Japan) [English version] [8]

The Hidden Fortress (Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1958)

The Ring (Gore Verbinski) [5]

Hell House (George Ratliff) [8]

-The Count of Monte Cristo (Kevin Reynolds) [7]

/Punch-Drunk Love (Paul Thomas Anderson) [6]

Merci pour le chocolat (Claude Chabrol, France / Switzerland) [7]

Ikiru (Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1952)

The Happiness of the Katakuris (Takashi Miike, Japan) [7]

8 Women (François Ozon, France) [9]

Abandon (Stephen Gaghan) [4]

-Family Dinner (Skander Halim, Canada) [s] [7]

-This is Not a Photograph (Steve Erickson) [v/s] [7]

Auto Focus (Paul Schrader) [3]

Heaven (Tom Tykwer, Germany / Italy / U.K.) [8]

/-Medium Cool (Haskell Wexler, 1969)



The Truth About Charlie (Jonathan Demme) [7]

All or Nothing (Mike Leigh, U.K.) [5]

/Trade Tattoo (Len Lye, U.K., 1937) [s]

Eyewash (Robert Breer, 1959) [s]

/Straight and Narrow (Tony and Beverly Conrad, 1970) [s]

Les Tournesols (Rose Lowder, France, 1983) [s]

Fake Fruit Factory (Chick Strand, 1986) [s]

Alpsee (Matthias Müller, Germany, 1994) [s]

Dream Displacement (Paul Sharits, 1976) [s]

The Weight of Water (Kathryn Bigelow) [W/O] (0:27)

Femme Fatale (Brian De Palma) [5]

Jackass The Movie (Jeff Tremaine) [5]

-Andy Warhol’s Silver Flotations (Willard Maas, 1966) [s]

-Andy Warhol (Marie Menken, 1965) [s]

Roger Dodger (Dylan Kidd) [8]

Divine Intervention: A Chronicle of Love and Pain (Elia Suleiman, Palestine / France) [8]

/-Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (Todd Haynes, 1987) [m]

Alias Betty [Betty Fisher et autres histoires] (Claude Miller, France / Canada) [4]

-Written on the Wind (Douglas Sirk, 1956)

/Weekend (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1967) [crappy 16mm print with at least ten minutes missing]

-King of New York (Abel Ferrara, 1990)

Far From Heaven (Todd Haynes) [7]

/-Harvard Man (James Toback) [8]

All About Lily Chou-Chou (Shunji Iwai, Japan) [4]

-The Odds of Recovery (Su Friedrich) [m] [4]

The Visitation (Nathaniel Dorsky) [s] [6]

Yellow-Red & Blue-Violet (Luis Recoder) [s] [4]

Fall (Leighton Pierce) [v/s] [5]

Looking at the Sea (Peter Hutton) [s] [9]

Hojas de Maís (Eric S. Theise) [s] [3]

Song of the Firefly (Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof, Canada) [s] [4]

Patina (Peter Herwitz) [s] [7]

Very (Stan Brakhage) [s] [8]

Night Mulch (Stan Brakhage) [s] [7]

Maya (Digvijay Singh, India) [7]

-In the Bathtub of the World (Caveh Zahedi) [v] [7]

/The Devil, Probably (Robert Bresson, France, 1977)

/-Our Lady of the Sphere (Larry Jordan, 1969) [s]

/-Midweekend (Caroline Avery, 1985) [s]

-The Bats (Jim Trainor, 1997) [s]

8 Mile (Curtis Hanson) [5]

-Chasing Butterflies (Otar Iosseliani, France, 1992)

-A.B.C Africa (Abbas Kiarostami, Iran / Uganda) [v] [3]

Seven Samurai (Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1957)

-Murder by Numbers (Barbet Schroeder) [3]

-Novocaine (David Atkins) [5]

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Chris Columbus) [4]

Solaris (Steven Soderbergh) [7]

-Joe Versus the Volcano (John Patrick Shanley, 1990)



-‘R Xmas (Abel Ferrara) [6]

Bollywood / Hollywood (Deepa Mehta, Canada) [3]

-Hey, Happy! (Noam Gonick, Canada) [4]

/Far From Heaven (Todd Haynes) [8]*

/-Cannery Rodent (Chuck Jones, 1967) [s]

Pépé le Moko (Julian Duvivier, France, 1937)

War Photographer (Christian Frei, Switzerland) [5]

-Men with Brooms (Paul Gross, Canada) [5]

/-Josie and the Pussycats (Harry Elfont & Deborah Kaplan) [5]

The Way Home (Lee Jeong-hyang, South Korea) [5]

High and Low (Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1963)

Drumline (Charles Stone III) [4]

-Russian Ark (Alexander Sokurov, Russia) [7]

/-Spider-Man (Sam Raimi) [7]

-Gravity (Rhett Martinezz) [v]

-waydowntown (Gary Burns, Canada) [4]

Gangs of New York (Martin Scorsese) [5]

/Morvern Callar (Lynne Ramsay, U.K.) [8]

Sacha and Mum (Gillian Wearing, U.K., 1996) [v/s]

Passage (Shirin Neshat w/ Philip Glass) [v/s] [3]

The Third Memory (Pierre Huyghe, France, 1999) [v/s]

Talk To Her (Pedro Almodóvar, Spain) [7]

Adaptation. (Spike Jonze) [7]

the end.