Some of my best links are friends . . . THE NEW IMPROVED 2016 EDITION!!


News (what do you know?) / Sports (my critic friends) / Weather (where the wind blows) / Entertainment (what will I watch?)




Criterion Daily: If David Hudson isn't aggregating it, you don't need to know about it.


Box Office Mojo: It's just a release schedule. No 'gurus of gold..."


Ken Rudolph's Website: AMPAS member lets you know what screeners are out there.


Experimental Cinema:A relatively new wiki based in Spain with tons of information. A true clickhole.





Abbey Bender: "You can bend a breaker, but you can't break a bender." An old joke among alcoholic electricians.


Fernando Croce: There's way more going on here than I could ever hope to deal with, but I'm trying.


Mike D'Angelo: From zero (Elephant) to 100 (Only Angels Have Wings) and all points in between.


Bilge Ebiri: Smart, well-researched, and eminently reasonable. The anti-Cenk Uygur.


Steve Erickson: Keeping it lo-fi, just like me.


Girish: Girish Shambu, actually. And "actually" it's Madonna Ciccone, Cher Sarkisian, Kesha Sebert, what's your point?


Tina Hassannia: She write entire books! We are not worthy!


Glenn Kenny: Among his many virtues, he lives to antagonize Jeffrey Wells and the Twitteriffic Kidcritz™.


Peter Labuza: You havin' the movie party, you gotta bring da Booz.


Willow Maclay: Her comics nerdism loses me; her Akermania brings me right back.


Victor J. Morton: What's the sound of one right-winger flapping?


Farran Smith Nehme: Breathing fresh air into the Golden Age.


Vadim Rizov: Actually angrier than me most of the time. No mean feat.


Dan Sallitt: The man has an aesthetic, and he's sticking to it.


Alice Stoehr: This is the impeccably named blog that film-writer Alice shares with her partner Ashley. Grr!


Blake Williams: Have you seen his cine-poetry?





Cinema Scope: Canada's Own. My home-away-from-home team.


The Dissolve: Rest in Power, chums.


Reverse Shot: Long reads on topics both accessible and abstruse. What are you waiting for?


MUBI Notebook: Because what's a VOD service without a place for my long-winded prattling?





Martin Arnold and Ute Aurand and Bruce Baillie and Stephanie Barber and Christina Battle and Mary Billyou and Stephen Broomer and Dan Browne and Thirza Cuthand and Josef Dabernig and Manuela De Laborde and Nathaniel Dorsky and Dana Berman Duff and James Edmonds and Clint Enns and Zachary Epcar and Erin Espelie and Helga Fanderl and Thorsten Fleisch and Su Friedrich and Ja'Tovia Gary and David Gatten and Janie Geiser and Vincent Grenier and Karissa Hahn and Nicky Hamlyn and Christopher Harris and Clive Holden and Mike Hoolboom and Oliver Husain and Karen Johannesen and William E. Jones and Shiho Kano and Brett Kashmere and Jean-Paul Kelly and Lynn Marie Kirby and Vika Kirchenbauer and Rainer Kohlberger and Eva Kolcze and Laura Kraning and Salomé Lamas and and Les Leveque and Saul Levine and Mark Lewis and Jeanne Liotta and Jodie Mack and Cynthia Madansky and Guy Maddin and Basim Magdy and Jesse Malmed and Katherin McInnis and Jesse McLean and Jonas Mekas and Laura Huertas Millán and Jeremy Moss and Shana Moulton and Julie Murray and Nguyen Trinh Thi and Tomonari Nishikawa and Masaharu and Kayako Oki and Jenni Olson and Damon Packard and Laura J. Padgett and Atoosa Pour Hosseini and John Price and Peter Bo Rappmund and Jennifer Reeves and Steve Reinke and Dani ReStack and Ben Rivers and Michael Robinson and Sophy Romvari and Ben Russell and Sylvia Schedelbauer and Eeva Siivonen and Fern Silva and Gretchen Skogerson and Michele Smith and Greta Snider and Eriko Sonoda and Scott Stark and Mike Stoltz and Deborah Stratman and Peter Tscherkassky and Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Karen Yasinsky and [more to come...!]