All films from U.S.A. unless otherwise specified.

(- seen on video; / repeat viewing; [v] video piece; [p] paracinema (installation, etc.); [s] short, under 30 minutes; [m] medium length, 30-69 min; * grade changed upon repeat viewing; \ repeat viewing of something I walked out of or fell asleep during)


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Deja Vu (Tony Scott) [7]

The Prestige (Christopher Nolan, U.S. / U.K.) [7]

-Jackass Number Two (Jeff Tremaine) [7]

-Little Children (Todd Field) [2] [later changed to 3 after cooling-off period]

/-Gabrielle (Patrice Chéreau, France / Italy) [7]

-Windows on Monday (Ulrich Köhler, Germany) [6]

-Family Law (Daniel Burman, Argentina / Italy / Spain / France) [5]

/-The Royal Tenenbaums (Wes Anderson, 2001)

-Betelnut (Yang Heng, China) [7]

-The Case of the Grinning Cat (Chris Marker, France) [v/m] [8]

Pan's Labyrinth (Guillermo Del Toro, Mexico / Spain / U.S.) [5]

\-Sheitan (Kim Chapiron, France) [6]

-Flags of Our Fathers (Clint Eastwood) [5]

/-Pickpocket (Robert Bresson, France, 1959)

Curse of the Golden Flower (Zhang Yimou, Hong Kong / China) [7]

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (Tom Tykwer, Germany / France / Spain) [3]

-Longing (Valeska Grisebach, Germany) [7]



Children of Men (Alfonso Cuarón, U.K. / U.S.) [7]

-Dong (Jia Zhang-ke, Hong Kong / China) [v/m] [5]

-Gardens in Autumn (Otar Iosseliani, France / Italy / Russia) [4]

-Who's Camus Anyway? (Mitsuo Yanagimachi, Japan) [7]

-Destiny Manifesto (Martha Colburn) [s] [7]

-Light Work I (Jennifer Reeves) [v/s] [7]

/-Destiny Manifesto (Martha Colburn) [s] [7]

-L'Arrivée (Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 1998) [s]

-Happy-End (Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 1996) [s]

-Parallel Space: Inter-View (Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 1992) [s]

/-Gerry (Gus Van Sant, 2002)

Casino Royale (Martin Campbell, U.K. / U.S. / Czech Republic) [6]

-The Science of Sleep (Michel Gondry, France / Italy) [7]

-Untitled (for David Gatten) (Mark LaPore and Phil Solomon) [v/s] [7]

-Rehearsals For Retirement (Phil Solomon) [v/s] [8]

/-Untitled (for David Gatten) (Mark LaPore and Phil Solomon) [v/s] [7]

/-Rehearsals For Retirement (Phil Solomon) [v/s] [8]

/-Code Unknown (Michael Haneke, France / Germany / Romania, 2001)



-Wild Tigers I Have Known (Cam Archer) [6]

-The Forest For the Trees (Maren Ade, Germany, 2004)

-And We All Shine On (Michael Robinson) [s] [x2] [6]

-Light Is Waiting (Michael Robinson) [v/s] [7]

/-The Brown Bunny (Vincent Gallo, 2003)

Black Snake Moan (Craig Brewer) [5]

-Black and White Trypps Number Three (Ben Russell) [s] [7] [tentative grade]

/-The General Returns from One Place to Another (Michael Robinson) [v/s] [7]

-Birds of North America (Michael Robinson, 2004) [v/s]

-Chiquitta and the Soft Escape (Michael Robinson, 2003) [s]

-Routine Pleasures (Jean-Pierre Gorin, West Germany / France / U.K., 1986)

Zodiac (David Fincher) [6]

/-The Holy Girl (Lucrecia Martel, Argentina / Spain / Italy, 2004)

-Exterminating Angels (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France) [5]

-Ghosts (Christian Petzold, Germany) [6]

I Think I Love My Wife (Chris Rock) [5]



-Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis (Mary Jordan) [6]

/-California Split (Robert Altman, 1974)

-Valery's Ankle (Brett Kashmere, Canada / U.S.) [v/m] [7]

The Lives of Others (Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Germany) [5]

-Profit motive and the whispering wind (John Gianvito) [v/m] [8]

-Vanished (Naoto Kumazawa, Japan) [4]

\Dyn Amo (Stephen Dwoskin, U.K., 1972)

-Stranger Than Fiction (Marc Forster) [5]

-Butterflymole (Suh Myung-soo, South Korea) [v] [4]

-51 Birch Street (Doug Block, Germany / U.S.) [v] [6]

-All the Ships at Sea (Dan Sallitt, 2004) [m]

/-Beau Travail (Claire Denis, France, 1999)

-This Is My Cheesesteak (Ben Daniels) [v/m] [workprint]

The Bird Savior, Clouds and Wind (Istvan Szaladjak, Hungary) [W/O] (0:33)

-Where Has Your Hidden Smile Gone? (Pedro Costa, France / Portugal, 2001)

Vanaja (Rajnesh Domalpalli, India / U.S.) [7]

-Honor de cavalleria (Albert Serra, Spain) [8] [tentative grade -- pretty sure it'd hit 9 if seen on film in a theatre]

\-A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (Dito Montiel) [6]

Some Pleasure on the Level of the Source (Sharon Greytak, 1982) [s]

Inland Empire (David Lynch, U.S. / Poland / France) [6]

Grindhouse (Robert Rodriguez / Rob Zombie / Edgar Wright / Eli Roth / Quentin Tarantino) [6]



-Or (My Treasure) (Keren Yedaya, Israel / France, 2004)

-Sleeping Dogs Lie. (Bobcat Goldthwait) [6]

-Bashing (Masahiro Kobayashi, Japan) [5]

-The Optimists (Goran Paskaljevic, Serbia) [4]

-Catch and Release (Susannah Grant) [4]

-The Fall of Communism . . . as Seen in Gay Pornography (William E. Jones, 1998) [v/s]

-Day Night Day Night (Julia Loktev) [7]

-Finished (William E. Jones, 1996)

-Let's Go to Prison (Bob Odenkirk) [5]

-Massillon (William E. Jones, 1991)

-Is It Really So Strange? (William E. Jones, 2004) [v]

-Mansfield 1962 (William E. Jones, 2006) [v/s] [no grade / review; in essence a condensed version of Tearoom]

/-Commingled Containers (Stan Brakhage, 1996) [s]

/-Lovesong (Stan Brakhage, 2001) [s]

/-v. o. (William E. Jones) [v/m] [7]*

-The Boss of It All (Lars von Trier, Denmark / Sweden / Iceland / Italy / France / Norway / Finland / Germany) [7]

-The Wind that Shakes the Barley (Ken Loach, Germany / Italy / Spain / France / Ireland / U.K.) [6]

-Marseille (Angela Schanelec, Germany, 2004)

-King and the Clown (Lee Jun-ik, South Korea) [5]



/-Film Montages (for Peter Roehr) (William E. Jones) [v/s] [7]

Ocean's Thirteen (Steven Soderbergh) [6]

Knocked Up (Judd Apatow) [6]

-Election 2 [Triad Election] (Johnnie To, Hong Kong) [6]

-I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (Park Chan-wook, South Korea) [5]

-Dans Paris (Christophe Honoré, France / Portugal) [5]

-Lady Chatterley (Pascale Ferran, France / Belgium) [6]

Paris je t'aime (various, Liechtenstein / Switzerland / Germany / France) [4]


/-Eyes Wide Shut (Stanley Kubrick, U.S. / U.K., 1999)

/-Full Metal Jacket (Stanley Kubrick, 1987)

-Hannah Takes the Stairs (Joe Swanberg) [3]

-Casa de Lava (Pedro Costa, Portugal / France / Germany, 1995)

-The Experimental Film (Arthur Lipsett, Canada, 1963) [s]

[which included]

/-A Man and His Dog Out for Air (Robert Breer, 1957) [s]

/-Very Nice Very Nice (Arthur Lipsett, Canada, 1961) [s]

-Sorbet 3 (Frans Zwartjes, The Netherlands, 1968) [s]

-Birds (Frans Zwartjes, The Netherlands, 1968) [s]

-Spectator (Frans Zwartjes, The Netherlands, 1970) [s]

-Visual Training (Frans Zwartjes, The Netherlands, 1969) [s]

-The Shining (Stanley Kubrick, U.S. / U.K., 1980)

-Living (Frans Zwartjes, The Netherlands, 1971) [s]

-Notes on Marie Menken (Martina Kudlácek, Austria / U.S.) [v] [2]

/-A Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick, U.K., 1971)

/-Profit motive and the whispering wind (John Gianvito) [v/m] [8]

La Vie en Rose [La Môme] (Olivier Dahan, France / U.K. / Czech Republic) [4]

-Music and Lyrics (Marc Lawrence) [6]

-Tiger Shark (Howard Hawks, 1932)

/-2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, U.S. / U.K., 1968)

-Ten Canoes (Rolf de Heer and Peter Djigirr, Australia) [7]

/-Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Stanley Kubrick, U.S. / U.K., 1964)

-Drama/Mex (Gerardo Naranjo, Mexico) [6]

-Forty Guns (Samuel Fuller, 1957)

-State Legislature (Frederick Wiseman) [7]

/-Paths of Glory (Stanley Kubrick, 1957)

/-The Killing (Stanley Kubrick, 1956)



/-Killer's Kiss (Stanley Kubrick, 1955) [m]

Sunshine (Danny Boyle, U.K.) [6]

-En construcción (Work in Progress) (José Luis Guerín, Spain / France, 2001)

/-Barry Lyndon (Stanley Kubrick, U.K., 1975)

-Guru (Mani Ratnam, India) [4]

-Borom Sarret (Ousmane Sembène, Senegal, 1966) [s]

Rescue Dawn (Werner Herzog) [6]

-This Is England (Shane Meadows, U.K.) [5]

Sicko (Michael Moore) [7]

Paprika (Satoshi Kon, Japan) [7]

-Broken English (Zoe Cassavetes) [6]

-Strange Culture (Lynn Hershman Leeson) [7]

-Energie! (Thorsten Fleisch, Germany) [v/s] [x2] [4]

-Kosmos (Thorsten Fleisch, Germany, 2004) [s]

/Profit motive and the whispering wind (John Gianvito) [v/m] [8]

-Europa 2005, 27 Octobre (Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, Italy) [v/s] [8]

-Falling (Barbara Albert, Austria / Germany) [5]



-Zoo (Robinson Devor) [v] [6]

/-Energie! (Thorsten Fleisch, Germany) [v/s] [5]*

-Poison Friends (Emmanuel Bourdieu, France) [2]

/-Energie! (Thorsten Fleisch, Germany) [v/s] [5]

-I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With (Jeff Garlin) [3]

-To Each His Own Cinema (various, France) [5]

-Beyond the Years (Im Kwon-taek, South Korea) [4]

Tape Film (Chris Kennedy, U.S. / Canada) [s] [5]

epc 2D: sun (John Price, Canada) [s] [4]

Discoveries on the Forest Floor 1-3 (Charlotte Pryce) [s] [7]

Papillon (Olivier Fouchard, France) [s] [6]

Evertwo Circumflicksrent . . . Page 298 (Bruce McClure) [p/s] [5]

-The Walker (Paul Schrader, U.S. / U.K.) [6]

/-The Lonely Villa (D.W. Griffith, 1909) [s]

/-Corner In Wheat (D. W. Griffith, 1909) [s]

-The Free Will (Matthias Glasner, Germany) [8]

-Superbad (Greg Mottola) [5]

/-Report (Bruce Conner, 1967) [s]

/-passage á l'acte (Martin Arnold, Austria, 1993) [s]

/Dance No. 1 (Raphael Montañez Ortíz, 1985) [v/s]

My Fathers Dead (Raphael Montañez Ortíz, 1992) [v/s]

/Light Is Waiting (Michael Robinson) [v/s] [9]*

/NOEMA (Scott Stark, 1998) [v/s]

-Taxidermia (György Pálfi, Hungary / Austria / France) [4]

-Death Proof (Quentin Tarantino) [114 minute international edit] [7]

-Hotel Chevalier (Wes Anderson, U.S. / France) [s] [5]

-Angel (François Ozon, U.K. / Belgium / France) [7]

/-News from home (Chantal Akerman, Belgium / U.S., 1976)



/-Meshes of the Afternoon (Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid, 1943) [s]

/-Sink or Swim (Su Friedrich, 1990) [m]

Armoire (Vincent Grenier) [v/s] [7]

-Respite (Harun Farocki, Germany / South Korea) [v/m] [6]

-Observando el Cielo (Jeanne Liotta) [s] [workprint]

Surging Sea of Humanity (Ken Jacobs) [v/s] [7]

North Shore (Fred Worden) [v/s] [7]

The Text of Light (Stan Brakhage, 1974)

-Time's Arrow (Fred Worden) [v/s] [6]

Capitalism: Child Labor (Ken Jacobs) [v/s] [9]

Dreams That Money Can't Buy (Ken Jacobs w/ Rick Reed) [p/m] [6]

Warm Objects (Peggy Ahwesh) [v/s] [4]

Notes from A Bastard Child (Fern Silva, U.S. / Portugal) [s] [6]

The Mongrel Sister (Luther Price) [s] [7]

Victory Over the Sun (Michael Robinson) [s] [7] [tentative grade]

Stranger Comes to Town (Jacqeline Goss) [v/s] [5]

/Light Is Waiting (Michael Robinson) [v/s] [9]

SpaceDisco One (Damon Packard) [v/m] [7]

Old Dark House (Ben Rivers, U.K., 2004) [s]

We the People (Ben Rivers, U.K., 2003) [s]

Detroit Block (Julie Murray) [v/s] [3]

Frontier Step (Gretchen Skogerson) [v/s] [5]

Dedication (Peggy Ahwesh) [v/s] [7]

House (Ben Rivers, U.K.) [s] [7] [tentative grade]

Footnotes to a House of Love (Laida Lertxundi) [s] [6]

Office Suite (Robert Todd) [s] [2]

Prague Winter (Jim Jennings) [s] [6]

Electricity (Henry Hills) [v/s] [7]

Recordando El Ayer (Alexandra Cuesta, U.S. / Ecuador) [s] [5]

Tahousse (Olivier Fouchard and Mahine Rohue, France) [m] [4]

Shadow (Ernie Gehr) [v/s] [7]

Cinematic Fertilizer 1 (Ernie Gehr) [v/s] [5]

Cinematic Fertilizer 2 (Ernie Gehr) [v/s] [5]

10th Avenue (aka Work In Progress) (Ernie Gehr) [v/m] [5]

Eyewash (Robert Breer, 1959) [s]

Antigenic Drift (Lewis Klahr) [v/s] [7]

Hide (Matthias Müller and Christophe Giradet) [v/s] [6]

The Counter Girl Trilogy (Courtney Hoskins) [s] [no rating - the dim projector bulb essentially ate this film]

Volto Sorpresso al buio (Face Caught in the Dark) (Paolo Gioli, Italy, 1995) [s]

Beirut Outtakes (Peggy Ahwesh) [v/s] [6]

For Them (Jonathan Schwartz) [s] [4]

For A Winter (Jonathan Schwartz) [s] [no grade - ditto above]

Sunbeam Hunter (Jonathan Schwartz) [s] [4]

A Logic Sore (Jonathan Schwartz) [s] [3]

The Wedding Present (Jonathan Schwartz) [s] [5]

40 Years (Jonathan Schwartz) [s] [2]

The Film of A Thousand and One Nights and A Night (Volume 2) (Scott Puccio) [s] [5]

Hanky Panky January 1902 (Ken Jacobs) [v/s] [5]

Eyewash [version two] (Robert Breer, 1959) [s]

/Recreation (Robert Breer, 1956) [s]

/-Cat's Cradle (Stan Brakhage, 1959) [s]

/-Window Water Baby Moving (Stan Brakhage, 1959) [s]

/-Sirius Remembered (Stan Brakhage, 1959) [s]

/-Mothlight (Stan Brakhage, 1963) [s]

/-Dog Star Man Part 2 (Stan Brakhage, 1961-64) [s]

/-Eye Myth (Stan Brakhage, 1972) [s]

/-Black Ice (Stan Brakhage, 1994) [s]

/-Commingled Containers (Stan Brakhage, 1997) [s]

/-Glass (Leighton Pierce, 1998) [s]

The Bourne Ultimatum (Paul Greengrass) [6]

-Secret Sunshine (Lee Chang-dong, South Korea) [6]

/-Victory Over the Sun (Michael Robinson) [8]*

-House [two-screen version] (Ben Rivers, U.K.) [s] [6]

-The Hyrcynium Wood (Ben Rivers, U.K.) [s] [7]

Eastern Promises (David Cronenberg, Canada / U.K. / U.S.) [7]

/-House (Ben Rivers, U.K.) [s] [7]

-The Coming Race (Ben Rivers, U.K.) [s] [7]

/-Puce Moment (Kenneth Anger, 1949) [s]

-Ploy (Pen-Ek Ratanaruang, Thailand) [5]

How to Conduct a Love Affair (David Gatten) [s] [7]

What the Water Said, nos. 4-6 (David Gatten) [s] [x2] [10]

-The Ex (Jesse Peretz) [5]

-Interieur Interiors (To AK) (Vincent Grenier, 1978) [s]

-While Revolved (Vincent Grenier, 1976) [s]

-Surface tension #2 (Vincent Grenier, 1995-2005) [s]

/-Kino Da! (Henry Hills, 1981) [s]

-Money (Henry Hills, 1985) [s]

-Radio Adios (Henry Hills, 1982) [s]

Observando El Cielo (Jeanne Liotta) [s] [x2] [9]

-Smiley Face (Gregg Araki) [5]

-Blades of Glory (Josh Gordon and Will Speck) [5]

-Klimt (Raoul Ruiz, Austria / France / Germany / U.K.) [5]

/Wavelength (Michael Snow, Canada / U.S., 1967) [m]

/Hanky Panky January 1902 (Ken Jacobs) [v/s] [6]*

Nymph (Ken Jacobs) [v/s] [8]

/-site specific_LAS VEGAS 05 (Olivo Barbieri, Italy / Canada) [s] [6]

-Sevilla --> (∞) 06 (Olivo Barbieri, Italy / Spain) [s] [5]

-site specific_SHANGHAI 04 (Olivo Barbieri, Italy / China, 2004) [s]

-The Shock Doctrine (Alfonso Cuarón / Jonás Cuarón / Naomi Klein, U.S. / U.K. / Canada) [s] [7]




-1408 (Mikael Håfström) [7]

/-Hanky Panky January 1902 (Ken Jacobs) [v/s] [6]

/-Nymph (Ken Jacobs) [v/s] [8]

-Capitalism: Slavery (Ken Jacobs) [v/s] [7]

/-Capitalism: Child Labor (Ken Jacobs) [v/s] [8]*

Gone Baby Gone (Ben Affleck) [8]

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (Andrew Dominik) [7]

-You, the Living (Roy Andersson, Sweden / Germany / France / Denmark / Norway) [7]

/-Hold Me While I'm Naked (George Kuchar, 1964) [s]

/-Little Stabs at Happiness (Ken Jacobs, 1959-63) [s]

-Redacted (Brian De Palma) [5]

Michael Clayton (Tony Gilroy) [6]

\-I Don't Want To Sleep Alone (Tsai Ming-liang, Malaysia / China / Taiwan / France / Austria) [7]

-Paranoid Park (Gus Van Sant, U.S. / France) [7]

-The Life of Reilly (Barry Poltermann and Frank Anderson) [8]

-12:08 East of Bucharest (Corneliu Porumboiu, Romania) [7]

/-Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (Craig Baldwin, 1992) [m]

The Darjeeling Limited (Wes Anderson) [6]

-Bug (William Friedkin) [6]

/-The Hole (Tsai Ming-liang, Taiwan / France, 1997)

/-you don't bring me flowers (Michael Robinson) [s] [7]

/-The General Returns From One Place to Another (Michael Robinson) [v/s] [7]

-Tidal (Michael Robinson, 2001) [s]

/-And We All Shine On (Michael Robinson) [s] [6]

/-Chiquitita and the Soft Eclipse (Michael Robinson, 2003) [s]

/-Victory Over the Sun (Michael Robinson) [s] [8]

Last Days In A Lonely Place (Phil Solomon) [v/s] [9}

/Capitalism: Slavery (Ken Jacobs) [v/s] [7]



/-Meshes of the Afternoon (Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid, 1943) [s]

/-Daisies (Vera Chytilová, Czechoslovakia, 1966)

/-Wide Angle Saxon (George Landow [Owen Land], 1975) [s]

/-Blissfully Yours (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand / France, 2002)

/-Capitalism: Slavery (Ken Jacobs) [v/s] [7]

/-Last Days In A Lonely Place (Phil Solomon) [v/s] [9]

/-Paranoid Park (Gus Van Sant, U.S. / France) [7]

-The Band's Visit (Eran Kolirin, Israel / France / U.S.) [7]

-Southland Tales (Richard Kelly) [3]

-We Own the Night (James Gray) [7]

No Country For Old Men (Joel and Ethan Coen) [6]

-The Savages (Tamara Jenkins) [6]

-The Banishment (Andrei Zvyagintsev, Russia) [6]

-XXY (Lucía Puenzo, Argentina / France / Spain) [7]

-It's a Free World . . . (Ken Loach, U.K. / Italy / Germany / Spain) [6]

-I'm Not There (Todd Haynes) [8]

-Black Book (Paul Verhoeven, The Netherlands / Germany / Belgium) [7]

-The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Julien Schnabel, France / U.S.) [5]

-Exodus (Pang Ho-cheung, Hong Kong) [7]

-Quiet City (Aaron Katz) [7]

-My Kid Could Paint That (Amir Bar-Lev, U.S. / U.K.) [5]

/I'm Not There (Todd Haynes) [8]

-Ratatouille (Brad Bird) [7]

-Schindler's Houses (Heinz Emigholz, Germany / Austria) [6]

and that was the year that was.


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