All films from U.S.A. unless otherwise specified.

(- seen on video; / repeat viewing; [v] video piece; [p] paracinema (installation, etc.); [s] short, under 30 minutes; [m] medium length, 30-69 min; * grade changed upon repeat viewing; \ repeat viewing of something I walked out of or fell asleep during)


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-Killer Joe (William Friedkin) [6]

-Arraianos (Eloy Enciso, Spain / Portugal) [7]

The Extravagant Shadows (David Gatten) [v] [9]
-Skyfall (Sam Mendes, U.K. / U.S.) [7]
-The Paperboy (Lee Daniels) [3]
/-Zero Dark Thirty (Kathryn Bigelow) [5]*
-Not Fade Away (David Chase) [4]
-Vulgaria (Pang Ho-Cheung, Hong Kong) [7]
No (Pablo Larraín, Chile / France / U.S.) [7]
-Silver Linings Playbook (David O. Russell) [5]
-7 Up (Paul Almond and Michael Apted, U.K., 1964) [s]
-7 Plus 7 (Michael Apted, U.K., 1971) [m]
-21 Up (Michael Apted, U.K., 1979)
/-selection of four actualities (Louis and Auguste Lumiére, France, 1895) [s]
/-Electricuting an Elephant (Thomas Edison, 1903) [s]
/-Window Water Baby Moving (Stan Brakhage, 1962) [s]
/-Lessons of Darkness (Werner Herzog, U.S. / Germany / Kuwait, 1992) [m]
-28 Up (Michael Apted, U.K., 1986)
-56 Up (Michael Apted, U.K.) [6]
-35 Up (Michael Apted, U.K., 1993)
-Django Unchained (Quentin Tarantino) [7]
-Catnip: Egress to Oblivion? (Jason Willis) [s] [6]
/-Nanook of the North (Robert Flaherty, U.S. / Canada, 1922)
-Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony (Laurent Malaquais) [4]
-Upstream Color (Shane Carruth) [7]

Circle in the Sand (Michael Robinson) [v/m] [7]
-Mama (Andrés Muschietti, Spain / Canada) [4]
/-The Man With the Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov, U.S.S.R., 1929)
-A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III (Roman Coppola) [W/O] (0:38)
/-Bloom (Scott Stark) [v/s] [7]
-Marriage Material (Joe Swanberg) [v/m] [5]
/-Granton Trawler (John Grierson and Edgar Anstey, U.K., 1934) [s]
/-Sogobi (James Benning, 2002)
/-The Plow That Broke the Plains (Pare Lorentz, 1936) [s]
-Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (Alison Klayman) [6]
-Vic + Flo Saw a Bear (Denis Côté, Canada) [7]
/-Las Hurdes [Land Without Bread] (Luis Buñuel, Spain, 1933) [s]
/-Granton Trawler (John Grierson and Edgar Anstey, U.K., 1934) [s]
-The Freethinker (Peter Watkins, Sweden, 1994) [v]
-The Hedge Theater (Robert Beavers, 1986-90/2002) [s]
/-Night and Fog (Alain Resnais, France, 1955) [s]
-In Titan's Goblet (Peter Hutton, 1991) [s]
/-Study of a River (Peter Hutton, 1997) [s]
/-Vic + Flo Saw a Bear (Denis Côté, Canada) [7]
-Moi, un Noir (Jean Rouch, France / Ivory Coast, 1958)

-Smashed (James Ponsoldt) [4]
-Yossi (Eytan Fox, Israel) [5]
/-Titicut Follies (Frederick Wiseman, 1967)
Before Midnight (Richard Linklater, U.S. / Greece) [7]
-It's a Disaster (Todd Berger) [5]
-Dusty Stacks of Mom: The Poster Project (Jodie Mack) [m] [near complete edit] [7]
-Antiviral (Brandon Cronenberg, Canada) [4]
-Future Weather (Jenny Deller) [5]
-The We and The I (Michel Gondry, U.S. / France) [5]
-Wrong (Quentin Dupieux, France) [W/O] (0:32)
-Oz the Great and Powerful (Sam Raimi) [5]
-The Comedy (Rick Alverson) [7]
/-Sans Soleil (Chris Marker, France, 1982)
/-Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, 1941)
-The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island (Charles Grosvenor, 1997)
/-The Thin Blue Line (Errol Morris, 1988)
The Host (Andrew Niccol) [5]
-Somebody Up There Likes Me (Bob Byington) [7]
The Place Beyond The Pines (Derek Cianfrance) [7]
-Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler (Fritz Lang, Germany, 1922)
-Stagecoach (John Ford, 1939)
The Realist (Scott Stark) [v/m] [7] [tentative grade]
-Sightseers (Ben Wheatley, U.K.) [5]
/-No (Pablo Larraín, Chile / France / U.S.) [8]*

-casting a glance (James Benning, 2007)
-The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (Don Scardino) [5]
-Hotel Room (Bernd Oppl, Austria) [v/s] [6]
-Deep Red (Esther Urlus, The Netherlands) [s] [6]
-Division (Johan Rijpma, The Netherlands) [s] [4]
-Brad's Book (Bradly Dever Treadway) [v/s] [4]
-Bishopric (Robert Todd) [5]
/-Reconnaissance (Johann Lurf, Austria) [s] [6]*
-Rauch und Spiegel [Smoke and Mirrors] (Nick Moore, Australia) [v/s] [3]
-Mountain in Shadow (Lois Patiño, Spain) [s] [7]
-Workers Leaving the Factory (Again) (Katharina Gruzei, Austria) [v/s] [7]
/The Realist (Scott Stark) [v/m] [8]*
-Reality (Matteo Garrone, Italy / France) [6]
/-Ballet mécanique (Fernand Léger and Dudley Murphy, France, 1924) [s]
/-Surname Viet Given Name Nam (Trinh T. Minh-ha, U.S. / Vietnam, 1989)
/-Close Up (Abbas Kiarostami, Iran, 1990)
/-Dog Star Man: Part 2 (Stan Brakhage, 1963) [s]
/-Stellar (Stan Brakhage, 1993) [s]
/-The Wind Will Carry Us (Abbas Kiarostami, 1999)
-Suitcase of Love and Shame (Jane Gillooly) [v] [5]
not afraid to die (Althea Thauberger, Canada, 2001) [s]
Oh Canada (Althea Thauberger, Canada, 2001) [v/s]
A Memory Lasts Forever (Althea Thauberger, Canada, 2004) [v/m]
Northern (Althea Thauberger, Canada, 2005) [s]
Zivildienst ≠ Kunstproject (Althea Thauberger, Germany, 2006) [v/s]
Msaskok (Althea Thauberger, U.S. / Canada) [v/s] [work in progress]
/Leviathan (Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel, France / U.K. / U.S.) [9]
liminal disturbance (Greg Staats, Canada) [v/s/p] [8]
fire (Greg Staats, Canada) [v/s] [6]
body of shadow (Greg Staats, Canada, 2010) [v/s/p]
fog vortex (Christina Battle, Canada) [p] [7]
The Reader (Alejandro Cesarco, U.S. / Uruguay) [p/s] [7]
The Chorus (Jean-François Côté, Canada) [v/p] [5]
Currents (Patty Chang and Noah Klersfeld) [v/p] [6]
Sound Giving Will Feeling (Andrea Geyer) [v/p] [W/O] (0:12)
Un film inédit (Gordon Webber, Canada, c. 1945-50) [s]
Museum of the Imagination (Amit Dutta, India) [v/s] [6]
Quartet for the End of Time (Deanna Erdmann) [v/s] [3]
A Third Version of the Imaginary (Benjamin Tiven, U.S. / Kenya) [v/s] [7]
48 Heads From the Merkurov Museum (After Kurt Kren) (Anna Artaker, Austria) [4]
In My Room (Chance Taylor, Canada) [v/s] [4]
The Invisible World (Jesse McLean) [6]
-You Are Here (Leslie Supnet, Canada) [v/s] [4]
-Shadow Puppet (Yi Cui, Canada) [s] [4]
Oracle (Mani Mazinani, Canada) [v/s] [7]
Half Way There (Karen Henderson, Canada) [v/s] [3]
The Timeslide (Ariana Andrei, Canada) [v/s] [4]
Christ Church - Saint James (Stephen Broomer, Canada) [s] [5]
Days of Future Past (Joe Hambleton, Canada) [v/s] [5]
Separate Vacations (Cameron Moneo, Canada) [v/s] [4]
The Pool (Christine Lucy Latimer, Canada) [v/s] [6]
Ten Skies (Clint Enns, Canada) [v/s] [5]
rapidTransfer (John Creson and Adam Rosen, Canada) [v/s] [?] [don't remember it at all...]
Summer Solstice, 11 pm, Jordaan (Albert Wisco, Canada) [v/s] [5]
-Torque (Björn Kämmerer, Austria) [s] [5]
-Ten Minutiae (Peter Miller, Austria) [s] [7]
-Early Figure (Brian Virostek, Canada) [s] [4]
/-Passage Upon the Plume (Fern Silva, U.S. / Turkey / Egypt) [s] [8]
-Sugar Beach (Mark Loeser, Canada) [s] [4]
-Stone (Kevin Jerome Everson) [v/s] [5]
-Maître-Vent (Simon Quéhiellard, France) [v/s] [6]
-Addy Choo (JB Mabe) [s] [5]
-Pastoral (JB Mabe) [s] [6]
-Dad's Stick (John Smith, U.K.) [v/s] [6]
-Charlie's Proof (Kevin Jerome Everson) [v/s] [6]
-The Woolworths Choir of 1979 (Elizabeth Price, U.K.) [v/s] [7]
-Sight (Thirza Cuthand, Canada) [s] [7]
-This Town of Toronto... (Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof, Canada) [s] [4]
-Strata of Natural History (Jeannette Muñoz, Switzerland / Chile) [s] [5]
/-The Gleaners and I (Agnès Varda, France, 2000)
-Oblivion (Joseph Kosinski) [4]
-The Silence (Baran bo Odar, Germany, 2010)
/-SkateBang (Damon Packard, U.S. / U.K., 2007) [v/s]
-Filmic Sculpture No. 3 (Alberto Cabrera Bernal, Spain) [x2] [s] [7]
-Poppy Fields Forever (John Warren) [s] [5]
-Harbour's Puddle (Lucie Mercadal, Germany) [v/s] [4]
-9214 (Takahiro Suzuki) [v/s] [4]
-The Angels' Share (Ken Loach, U.K. / Belgium / France / Italy) [5]
/Disorder (Huang Weikai, China, 2009) [v/m]
-Me and You (Bernardo Bertolucci, Italy) [5]
-The Hunt (Thomas Vinterberg, Denmark) [4]
-The Lords of Salem (Rob Zombie, U.S. / U.K. / Canada) [6]
-Fragments of Kubelka (Martina Kudláček, Austria) [7]
/-Catnip: Egress to Oblivion? (Jason Willis) [s] [6]
-I Give It a Year (Dan Mazer, U.K.) [5]

-The Amputee (Version 1) (David Lynch, 1974) [s]
-The Alphabet (David Lynch, 1968) [s]
-The Amputee (Version 2) (David Lynch, 1974) [s]
-Six Figures Getting Sick (David Lynch, 1966) [p/s]
-Interior. Leather Bar. (James Franco and Travis Mathews) [m] [4]
-Simon Killer (Antonio Campos, U.S. / France) [6]
-For Marx... (Svetlana Baskova, Russia) [5]
/-Hotel Room (Bernd Oppl, Austria) [v/s] [6]
/-Deep Red (Esther Urlus, The Netherlands) [s] [7]*
-Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons (Stephen Chow and Derek Kwok, China) [7]
-The Strange Little Cat (Ramon Zürcher, Germany) [7]
-Everyday Objects (Nicolas Wackerbarth, Germany / France) [7]
-I Saw The Devil (Kim Jee-woon, South Korea, 2010)
/-The 40 Year Old Virgin (Judd Apatow, 2005)
/-Role Models (David Wain, 2008)
-A World Without Women (Guillaume Brac, France) [m] [7]
-The Company You Keep (Robert Redford) [W/O] (0:40)
-Iron Man Three (Shane Black) [6]
-The Birth of a Nation (D.W. Griffith, 1915) [I'd seen most of it in clips, but this was my first front-to-back, sit-down viewing.]
-Beyond The Hills (Cristian Mungiu, Romania / France / Belgium) [6]
/-Clue (Jonathan Lynn, 1985)
/-The Strange Little Cat (Ramon Zürcher, Germany) [8]*
\-Lawless (John Hillcoat) [5]

-I Used To Be Darker (Matt Porterfield) [7]
The Purge (James DeMonaco) [5]
The Last Unicorn (Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass, 1982)
-We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks (Alex Gibney) [6]
-The Grandmaster (Wong Kar-wai, Hong Kong / China / U.S.) [8]
-Sangre (Amat Escalante, Mexico / France, 2005)
-Stoker (Park Chan-wook, U.K. / U.S.) [6]
/-Passion (Brian De Palma, Germany / France) [6]
/-13 Going On 30 (Gary Winick, 2004)
-Behind The Candelabra (Steven Soderbergh) [6]
-Los Bastardos (Amat Escalante, Mexico, 2008)
-Warm Bodies (Jonathan Levine) [W/O] (0:30)
-The Call (Brad Anderson) [4]
-Main Hall (Philipp Fleischmann, Austria) [s] [8]
-My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (Jayson Thiessen) [5]
-Monsieur Verdoux (Charles Chaplin, 1947)
-Katy Perry: Part of Me (Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz) [4]
-Fill The Void (Rama Burshtein, Israel) [6]
-Audition (Karen Yasinsky) [v/s] [7]
-You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (Alain Resnais, France / Germany) [7]

-Gradual Speed (Els van Riel, Belgium) [m] [6]
/-Spring Breakers (Harmony Korine) [7]
-De jamones y monjas (Daniel Cuberta, Spain) [v/s] [3]
/-Filmic Sculpture No. 3 (Alberto Cabrera Bernal, Spain) [s] [7]
-Confessions through an open curtain (Eli Cortiñas, Germany) [v/s] [3]
-Desert (Daniel Cuberta, Spain) [v/s] [4]
-75 Cuts for Carl Andre (Alberto Cabrera Bernal, Spain) [s] [6]
/-Blanket Statement #1: Home is Where the Heart is (Jodie Mack) [s] [6]
-Touch (Shelly Silver) [7]
-The Taste of Money (Im Sang-soo, South Korea) [4]
Gezi Parki ve çevresi, 9 Hazrian 2013 (Yoel Meranda, Turkey) [v/s] [7]
Despicable Me 2 (Pierre Coffin & Chris Renaud) [5]
-Pravda (Groupe Dziga-Vertov, Francec/ Czechoslovakia, 1970) [m]
-Monsters University (Dan Scanlon) [4]
Captain EO (Francis Ford Coppola, 1986) [p/s]
/-Multiple SIDosis (Sid Laverents, 1970) [s]
-Sky High (Mike Mitchell, 2005)
-Dealin' with Idiots (Jeff Garlin) [5]
-Computer Chess (Andrew Bujalski) [8]
-What Maisie Knew (Scott McGehee and David Siegel) [6]
-Drinking Buddies (Joe Swanberg) [6]
/-L'Avventura (Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy, 1960)
-Blow-Up (Michelangelo Antonioni, U.K. / U.S., 1966)
-Blackfish (Gabriela Cowperthwaite) [2]
-Zabriskie Point (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1970)
-Barres (Luc Moullet, France, 1983) [s]
-The Lifeguard (Liz W. Garcia) [W/O] (0:45) [although technically it was a "walk-in," since I watched the end]

-A Spell To Ward Off the Darkness (Ben Rivers and Ben Russell, France / Germany / Estonia / Finland / Norway) [7]
-Gimme The Loot (Adam Leon) [W/O] (0:45)
-Magic Magic (Sebastián Silva, Chile / U.S.) [5]
-Jug Face (Chad Crawford Kinkle) [W/O] (0:32)
-Only God Forgives (Nicolas Winding Refn, France / Thailand / U.S. / Sweden) [4]
/-À nos amours. (Maurice Pialat, France, 1983)
-To the Left of the Father (Luiz Fernando Carvalho, Brazil, 2001)
-Prince Avalanche (David Gordon Green) [4]
-From One Second to the Next (Werner Herzog) [s] [7]
-Love in the Afternoon (Eric Rohmer, France, 1972)
-Slow Moves (Jon Jost, 1983)
-A Teacher (Hannah Fidell) [3]
-Brimstone Line (Chris Kennedy, Canada) [s] [7]
-Manakamana (Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez, U.S. / Nepal) [6]
-Redemption (Miguel Gomes, Portugal / France / Italy / Germany) [s] [7]
-Variations of a Cellophane Wrapper (David Rimmer, Canada, 1970) [s]
-RP31 (Lucy Raven) [s] [7]
/Vertical Roll (Joan Jonas, 1972) [v/s]
/Electronic Opera No. 1 (Nam June Paik, U.S. / South Korea, 1969) [v/s]
/Switch! Monitor! Drift! (Steina Vasulka, 1976) [v/s]
/Three Transitions (Peter Campus, 1973) [v/s]
-La última película (Raya Martin and Mark Peranson, Canada / Denmark / Mexico / The Philippines) [7]
/-The Strange Little Cat (Ramon Zürcher, Germany) [8]
-Stories We Tell (Sarah Polley, Canada) [W/O] (0:38)
-Man of Tai Chi (Keanu Reeves, U.S. / China / Hong Kong) [5]
Southcliffe (Sean Durkin, U.K.) [TV] [5]
-Bobô (Inês Oliveira, Portugal) [5]
-Pays Barbare (Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi, France / Italy) [m] [4]

-Dry Standpipe (Wojciech Bakowski, Poland) [v/s] [4]
-Gowanus Canal (Sarah J. Christman) [s] [6]
-Man in Motion, 2012 (Christophe M. Saber, Ruben Glauser, and Max Idje, Switzerland) [s] [4]
-Bann (Nina Könnemann, Germany) [v/s] [6]
-Closed Curtain (Jafar Panahi and Kambozia Partovi, Iran) [8]
-The Great Beauty (Paolo Sorrentino, Italy / France) [4]
Song (Nathaniel Dorsky) [s] [x2] [7]
Spring (Nathaniel Dorsky) [s] [x2] [9]
-Grosse Fatigue (Camille Henrot, France) [v/s] [4]
-Sarah Prefers To Run (Chloé Robichaud, Canada) [4]
-Concrete Night (Pirjo Honkasalo, Finland / Denmark / Sweden) [5]
/-White Material (Claire Denis, France / Cameroon, 2009)
-45 7 Broadway (Tomonari Nishikawa) [s] [7]
-Airship 1-3 (Kenneth Anger) [v/s] [6]
-El Adios Largos (Andrew Lampert, U.S. / Mexico) [v/s] [7]
-Un conte de Michel de Montaige (Jean-Marie Straub, France / Switzerland) [v/m] [7]
/-Man in Motion, 2012 (Christophe M. Saber, Ruben Glauser, and Max Idje, Switzerland) [s] [4]
-Instants (Hannes Schüpbach, Switzerland) [s] [6]
-Flower (Naoko Tasaka, Japan) [v/s] [7]
-The King's Body (João Pedro Rodrigues, Portugal) [v/m] [4]
-The Disquiet (Ali Cherry, France / Lebanon) [v/s] [6]
-[title unknown] (Helga Fanderl, Germany) [s] [7]
-Constellations (Helga Fanderl, Germany) [s] [6]
-Semi-private sub-Hegelian Panty Fantasy (with sound) (Keith Sanborn, 2001) [v/s]
-Brontosaurus (Sam Taylor-Wood, U.K., 1995) [v/s]
-Farther Than the Eye Can See (Basma Alsharif, United Arab Emirates) [v/s] [8]
-Mount Song (Shambhavi Kaul, U.S. / India) [v/s] [7]
-Pepper's Ghost (Stephen Broomer, Canada) [s] [6]
/-Main Hall (Philipp Fleischmann, Austria) [s] [8]
-Nefandus (Carlos Motta, U.S. / Spain) [v/s] [6]
-Trissákia 3 (Nick Collins, U.K.) [s] [5]
-Natpwe (The Feast of the Spirits) (Tiane Doan na Champassak and Jean Dubrel, France / Burma) [m] [5]
-Letter to a Refusing Pilot (Akram Zaatari, Lebanon) [v/m] [7]
-A Thousand Suns (Mati Diop, France) [v/m] [W/O] (0:25)
/The Passing (Bill Viola, 1991) [v/m]
/Site Recite (a prologue) (Gary Hill, 1989) [v/s]
-Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari (Alexey Fedorchenko, Russia) [6]
-Child's Pose (Calin Peter Netzer, Romania) [5]
-R100 (Hitoshi Matsumoto, Japan) [4]
/Sleeping Sickness (Ulrich Köhler, Germany / Austria) [8]
-The Dog (Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren) [6]
-Salvation Army (Abdellah Taïa, France / Morocco) [7]
-Three Interpretation Exercises (Cristi Puiu, France / Romania) [6]
/And We All Shine On (Michael Robinson, 2006) [v/s]
/These Hammers Don't Hurt Us (Michael Robinson, 2010) [v/s]
/The General Returns From One Place to Another (Michael Robinson, 2006) [v/s]
/Hold Me Now (Michael Robinson, 2008) [v/s]
/Light Is Waiting (Michael Robinson, 2007) [v/s]
/If There Be Thorns (Michael Robinson, 2009) [v/s]
Line Describing Your Mom (Michael Robinson) [v/s] [7]
/Victory Over the Sun (Michael Robinson, 2007) [v/s]
/Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand / U.K. / France / Germany / Spain / The Netherlands, 2010)
-The Battle of Tabatô (João Viana, Portugal / Guinea-Bissau) [5]
-The Bling Ring (Sofia Coppola, U.S. / U.K. / France / Germany / Japan) [4]
The Missing Picture (Rithy Panh, Cambodia / France) [7]
-At Berkeley (Frederick Wiseman) [6]
-Norte, The End of History (Lav Diaz, The Philippines) [7]
-What Now? Remind Me (Joaquim Pinto, Portugal) [7]
/Granny's Is (David Larcher, U.K., 1989) [v/m]
/Why Do Things Get in a Muddle? (Come On Petunia) (Gary Hill, 1984) [v/m]

-The Canyons (Paul Schrader) [W/O] (0:35)
/Leviathan (Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel, France / U.K. / U.S.) [9]
/Open Book (Vito Acconci, 1974) [v/s]
/Vital Statistics of a Citizen, Simply Obtained (Martha Rosler, 1977) [v/m]
-A Cold Compress (Blake Williams, Canada, 2010) [v/s]
-Stranger By The Lake (Alain Guiraudie, France) [8]
-That Old Dream That Moves (Alain Guiraudie, France, 2001) [m]
-The King of Escape (Alain Guiraudie, France, 2009)
/-No Rest For the Brave (Alain Guiraudie, France, 2003)
-Nobody's Daughter Haewon (Hong Sang-soo, South Korea) [5]
/Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman (Dara Birnbaum, 1979) [v/s]
/My Father's Dead (Raphael Montañez Ortíz, 1990) [v/s]
/Whispering Pines 6-8 (Shana Moulton, 2006) [v/s]
/NOEMA (Scott Stark, 1988) [v/s]
/Shoot Don't Shoot (William E. Jones) [v/s] [7]
-Camille Claudel 1915 (Bruno Dumont, France) [4]
/Neighboring Sounds (Kleber Mendonça Filho, Brazil) [7]
-The World's End (Edgar Wright, U.K.) [7]
-God Loves Uganda (Roger Ross Williams) [6]
-Let The Fire Burn (Jason Osder) [6]
Watercolor (Fall Creek) (Vincent Grenier) [v/s] [6]
/Capitalism: Child Labor (Ken Jacobs, 2006) [v/s]
/Optra Field III-VII (T. Marie, 2010) [v/s]
/Everyday Bad Dream (Fred Worden, 2006) [v/s]
/the inversion, transcription, evening track and attractor (Stephanie Barber, 2005) [v/s]
/-Redemption (Miguel Gomes, Portugal / Italy / France / Germany) [m] [7]
/Nefandus (Carlos Motta, U.S. / Spain) [v/s] [6]
-Wadjda (Haifaa al-Monsour, Saudi Arabia / Germany) [7]
-A Field in England (Ben Wheatley, U.K.) [6]
Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón) [5]
/Computer Chess (Andrew Bujalski) [8]
-Viola (Matías Piñeiro, Argentina) [m] [7]

-An Oversimplification of Her Beauty (Terence Nance) [6]
/-La última película (Mark Peranson and Raya Martin, Canada / Denmark / Mexico / The Philippines) [7]
-Orchard Street (Ken Jacobs, 1956) [s]
/-Television Spots (Stan Douglas, Canada, 1987-88) [v/s]
/-Monodramas (Stan Douglas, Canada, 1991) [v/s]
/Golden Gate Bridge Exposure: Poised For Parabolas (Lynn Marie Kirby, 2004) [v/s]
/St. Ignatius Church Exposure: Lenten Light Conversions (Lynn Marie Kirby, 2004) [v/s]
Jacaranda Tree Chalon Road Exposure: Brazilian Import (Lynn Marie Kirby, 2004) [v/s]
/Origin of the 21st Century (Jean-Luc Godard, France / Switzerland, 2000) [v/s]
/-Frances Ha (Noah Baumbach) [8]
-Brothers and Sisters [Geschwister] (Thomas Arslan, Germany, 1997)
A Touch of Sin (Jia Zhang-ke, China) [6]
-Rosalinda (Matías Piñeiro, Argentina / South Korea, 2010) [m]
-Zero Charisma (Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews) [W/O] (0:33)
-The Dirties (Matt Johnson, Canada) [W/O] (0:18)
Sleepless Nights Stories (Jonas Mekas, 2010)
-Science Friction (Stan Van der Beek, 1959) [s]
-Symmetricks (Stan Van der Beek, 1972) [s]
-Symphonie Diaganale (Viking Eggeling, Germany, 1924) [s]
-Cassis (Jonas Mekas, 1966) [s]
/-Notes on the Circus (Jonas Mekas, 1966) [s]
They All Lie (Matías Piñeiro, Argentina, 2009)
-I'm So Excited! (Pedro Almodóvar, Spain) [5]
Traces (Scott Stark) [v/s] [7]
/Hotel Cartograph (Scott Stark, 1982) [s]
/Shape Shift (Scott Stark, 2004) [v/s]
/Speechless (Scott Stark, 2008) [s]
/The Realist (Scott Stark) [slightly new edit] [v/m] [8]
Réquiem NN (Juan Manuel Echavarría, Colombia) [v/m] [4]
-Sacro GRA (Gianfranco Rosi, Italy) [5]
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/Whose Utopia (Cao Fei, China, 2006) [v/s]
/The Casting (Omer Fast, U.S. / Israel, 2007) [v/m]
/Letter to a Refusing Pilot (Akram Zaatari, Lebanon) [v/m] [7]
-The Great Gatsby (Baz Luhrmann, Australia / U.S.) [W/O] (0:44)
-Laurence Anyways (Xavier Dolan, Canada / France) [7]
Inside Llewyn Davis (Joel and Ethan Coen, U.S. / France) [8]
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-Girl Most Likely (Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman) [W/O] (0:20)
-Much Ado About Nothing (Joss Whedon) [6]
/Boy/Analysis: An Abridgement of Melanie Klein's Narrative of a Child Analysis (Steve Reinke, Canada, 2009) [v/s]
My Name is Karlheinz Stockhausen (Steve Reinke, U.S. / Canada, 2010) [v/s]
Three Act Play (Steve Reinke, U.S. / Reinke, U.S. / Canada, 2010) [v/s]
Cartoon for those who have a certain fondness for ideas, but are tired of thinking (Steve Reinke, U.S. / Canada, 2010) [v/s]
Get a Horse! (Lauren MacMullan) [s] [7]
Frozen (Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee) [5]
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-Forest of Bliss (Robert Gardner, U.S. / India, 1986)
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Saving Mr. Banks (John Lee Hancock, U.S. / U.K. / Australia) [5]
-Bastards (Claire Denis, France / Germany) [8]
-12 Years a Slave (Steve McQueen, U.S. / U.K.) [6]
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-Short Term 12 (Destin Daniel Cretton) [6]
-The Spectacular Now (James Ponsoldt) [5]
-Fruitvale Station (Ryan Coogler) [W/O] (0:41)
-Ain't Them Bodies Saints (David Lowery) [4]
-Enough Said (Nicole Holofcener) [7]
-Property (Jeanne Liotta) [s] [6]
-Class Picture (Tito & Tito, The Philippines) [s] [7]
-Drug War (Johnnie To, China / Hong Kong) [7]
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-The Communist Situation in California (Travis Wilkerson) [m] [7]
-Hard To Be a God (Aleksei German, Russia) [10]
/-Despicable Me 2 (Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud) [5]
it's hard to be agog.

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