(- seen on video; / repeat viewing; [v] video piece; [p] paracinema (installation, etc.); [s] short, under 30 minutes; [m] medium length, 30-69 min; * grade changed upon repeat viewing; \ repeat viewing of something I walked out of or fell asleep during)


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-To The Unknown (Michael Almereyda, U.S., 2018) [s]

-The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (Bomani J. Story, U.S., 2023) [W/O]

-On the Adamant (Nicolas Philibert, France, 2023)

-Performing the Border (Ursula Biemann, Switzerland, 1999) [s]

-Good Grief (Daniel Levy, U.K. / U.S., 2023)

-Past Lives (Celine Song, South Korea / U.S., 2023)

-The Boy and the Heron (Hayao Miyazaki, Japan, 2023) [Japanese subtitled version]

-Monster (Kore-eda Hirokazu, Japan, 2023)

-Ophelia (Tom Chomont, U.S., 1969) [s]

-The Cat Lady (Tom Chomont, U.S., 1969) [s]

-Magazine Mouth (Anne Charlotte Robertson, U.S., 1983) [s]

-Talking to Myself (Anne Charlotte Robertson, U.S., 1985) [s]

-Kafka Kamera (Anne Charlotte Robertson, U.S., 1985) [s]

-Subways (Anne Charlotte Robertson, U.S., 1976) [s]

-Going to Work (Anne Charlotte Robertson, U.S., 1976) [s]

-My Cat, My Garden, and 9/11 (Anne Charlotte Robertson, U.S., 2001) [s]

/-Apologies (Anne Charlotte Robertson, U.S., 1986) [s]

-Locomotion (Anne Charlotte Robertson, U.S., 1981) [s]

-Days of Happiness (Chloé Robichaud, Canada, 2023)

-Ferrari (Michael Mann, U.S. / U.K. / Italy / China, 2023)

-Two Girls On the Street (André de Toth, Hungary, 1939)

-A Brighter Tomorrow (Nanni Moretti, Italy / France, 2023)

Anselm (Wim Wenders, Germany / France, 2023) [3D]

-Goldfish Lightbulb (Richard Munro, Australia, 2022) [s]

-Banel & Adama (Ramata-Toulaye Sy, Senegal / Mali / France, 2023)

-Red Rooms (Pascal Plante, Canada, 2023)

-Wham! (Chris Smith, U.S., 2023) [W/O]

-Air (Ben Affleck, U.S., 2023)

-Last Summer (Catherine Breillat, France, 2023)

-Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. (Kelly Fremon Craig, U.S., 2023)

-Death Mask (John Greyson, Canada, 2023) [s]

-Here We Are (Chanasorn Chaikitiporn, Thailand, 2023) [s]

-for here am i sitting in a tin can far above the world (Gala Hernández López, France, 2024) [s]

-I Don't Want to Be Just a Memory (Sarnt Utamachote, Germany, 2024) [s]

-The Perfect Square (Gernot Wieland, Belgium / Germany, 2024) [s]

-Black Girl (Ousmane Sembène, Senegal / France, 1966) [m]

-detours while speaking of monsters (Deniz Şimşek, Turkey / Germany, 2024) [s]

-Captain Elliott's Circle (Jake Barningham, China, 2023)

-Explanation for Everything (Gábor Reisz, Hungary / Slovakia, 2023)

-Good One (India Donaldson, U.S., 2024)

-don't blow it in the vector (Richard Sides, U.K., 2014)

-Tendaberry (Haley Elizabeth Anderson, U.S., 2024) [W/O]

/-Man With the Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov, U.S.S.R., 1929)

/-The Blood of a Poet (Jean Cocteau, France, 1930) [m]

/-L'Âge d'Or (Luis Buñuel, France, 1930) [m]

-Disco Boy (Giacomo Abbruzzese, France / Belgium / Italy / Poland / U.S., 2023) [W/O]

-Lorang's Way (David and Judith MacDougall, U.S. / Kenya, 1977) [m]



-Origin (Ava DuVernay, U.S., 2023)

-Eileen (William Oldroyd, U.K. / U.S., 2023) [W/O]

-Priscilla (Sofia Coppola, U.S. / Italy, 2023)

-The Five Devils (Léa Mysius, France / U.S., 2022) [W/O]

/-Anticipation of the Night (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 1958) [m]

-Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One (Christopher McQuarrie, U.S., 2023) [W/O]

/-Treatise on Venom and Eternity (Isidore Isou, France, 1951)

-Entrance Wounds (Calum Walter, U.S., 2023) [s]

/-The Heart of the World (Guy Maddin, Canada, 2000) [s]

/-Camera (David Cronenberg, Canada, 2000) [s]

/-Prelude (Michael Snow, Canada, 2000) [s]

/-A Word From the Management (Don McKellar, Canada, 2000) [s]

/-Congratulations (Michael Jones, Canada, 2000) [s]

/-Maborosi (Koreeda Hirokazu, Japan, 1995)

Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell (Phạm Thiên Ân, Vietnam / France / Singapore / Spain, 2023)

-autumn hymn: from the clouds (Joshua Peinado, Canada, 2024) [s]

/-Prelude: Dog Star Man (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 1962) [s]

/-Dog Star Man: Part I (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 1963) [m]

/-Dog Star Man: Part II (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 1963) [s]

/-Dog Star Man: Part III (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 1964) [s]

/-Dog Star Man: Part IV (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 1964) [s]

-How to Have Sex (Molly Manning Walker, U.K., 2023)

/-Short Fuse (Warren Sonbert, U.S., 1992) [m]

-SB (One Minute for Vienna) (Stan Brakhage, U.S. / Austria, 2002) [s]

-Earthen Aerie (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 1995) [s]

-Beautiful Funerals (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 1996) [s]

/-Lovesong (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 2001) [s]

-Lovesong 2 (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 2001) [s]

/-Micro-Garden (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 2001) [s]

-Thot-Fal'N (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 1978) [s]

-A Sense of Nothing (Francisco Rojas, Chile, 2024) [s] [x2]

-Club Zero (Jessica Hausner, U.K. / Austria / Denmark / France / Germany / Qatar / Turkey / U.S., 2023)

/-Thank You Jesus for the Eternal Present (Owen Land, U.S., 1973) [s]

/-The Evil Faerie (Owen Land, U.S., 1966) [s]

/-Mothlight (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 1963) [s]

/-Beauty #2 (Andy Warhol, U.S., 1965) [m]

-Seeds (Colectivo Los Ingrávados, Mexico, 2023) [s]

-Colmillos (Colectivo Los Ingrávados, Mexico, 2024) [s]

-Ritual (Colectivo Los Ingrávados, Mexico, 2024) [s]

/-Entrance Wounds (Calum Walter, U.S., 2023) [s]

-Lovely Rita (Jessica Hausner, Austria / Germany, 2001)

/-Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One (William Greaves, U.S., 1968)

-The Aerial (Esteban Sapir, Argentina, 2007)

-The Feeling That the Time for Doing Something Has Passed (Joanna Arnow, U.S., 2023)

-Arcadia (Yorgos Zois, Greece / Bulgaria / U.S., 2024)



-Our Body (Claire Simon, France, 2023)

/-Wavelength (Michael Snow, Canada, 1967) [m]

/-The Age of Innocence (Martin Scorsese, U.S., 1993)

-In Jackson Heights (Frederick Wiseman, U.S., 2015)

-To the Ends of the Earth (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Japan / Uzbekistan / Qatar, 2019)

-Arthur&Diana (Sara Summa, Germany, 2023)

-Five Days Till Tomorrow (Lewis Klahr, U.S., 2022) [s]

-Seasonal Concerns (Maximilien Luc Proctor, Germany, 2024) [s]

-Achilles (Farhad Delaram, Iran / France / Germany, 2023)

-Banging on Their Bars in Rhythm (Kevin Jerome Everson, U.S., 2024) [s]

-Stone, Hat, Ribbon and Rose (Eva Giolo, Belgium / U.K. / Italy, 2023) [s]

-Hey Sweet Pea (Alee Peoples, U.S., 2023) [s]

-Holographic Will (Mike Stoltz, U.S., 2023) [s]

-How to Run a Trotline (Carl Elsaesser, U.S., 2024) [s]

-Single File (Simon Liu, U.S. / Hong Kong / Italy, 2023) [s]

-West Lounge (Kevin Jerome Everson, U.S., 2023) [s]

-Labores en curso (Bruno Delgado Ramo, Spain / Belgium, 2024) [m]

/-It follows It passes on (Erica Sheu, U.S. / Taiwan, 2023) [s]

/-Here & Elsewhere (Bram Ruiter, Netherlands, 2023) [s]

/-Seasonal Concerns (Maximilien Luc Proctor, Germany, 2024) [s]

-The Echo (Tatiana Huezo, Mexico / Germany, 2023)

-Mimang (Kim Taeyang, South Korea, 2023)

-A Running Woman (Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy, Germany, 2023) [s]

-Flying Lessons (Elizabeth Nichols, U.S., 2024)

-Gwetto (Michaël Andrianaly, Madagascar / France, 2023) [m]

-Henry James' Drive-Away Dykes (Ethan Coen, U.S., 2024)

-Gasoline Rainbow (Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross, U.S. / U.K., 2023)

-Sweet Dreams (Marco Bellocchio, Italy / France, 2016)

/-Zorns Lemma (Hollis Frampton, U.S., 1970) [m]

/-Vertical Features Remake (Peter Greenaway, U.K., 1978) [m]

/-Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (Craig Baldwin, U.S., 1992) [m]

-The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Isao Takahata, Japan, 2013) [Japanese subtitled version]

-Red Spirit Lake (Charles Pinion, U.S., 1993) [m]

-Coup de Chance (Woody Allen, France / U.K. / U.S., 2023)

/-Cameraperson (Kirsten Johnson, U.S., 2016)



/-Privilege (Yvonne Rainer, U.S., 1990)

-Eden (Mia Hansen-Løve, France, 2014)

-The Permanent Picture (Laura Ferrés, Spain / France, 2023)

-After Many a Summer Dies the Swan: Hybrid (Yvonne Rainer, U.S., 2002) [m]

-The Day I Met You (André Novais Oliveira, Brazil, 2023)

-A Self-Induced Hallucination (Jane Schoenbrun, U.S., 2018)

-One Day Before the Rainy Season (Mani Kaul, India, 1971)

-Yannick (Quentin Dupieux, France, 2023) [m]

-Two-Hundred Feet (Josie Mack, U.S., 2003) [s]

-Intermittent Delight (Akosua Adoma Owusu, U.S. / Ghana, 2007) [s]

-Sketch Film #2 (Tomonari Nishikawa, U.S. / Japan, 2005) [s]

/-El Valley Centro (James Benning, U.S., 1999)

-The Plains (David Easteal, Australia, 2022)

-Inner and Outer Space (Robert Breer, U.S., 1960) [s]

-Un Miracle (Robert Breer and Pontus Hultén, France, 1954) [x2] [s]

-PBL #2 (Robert Breer, U.S., 1968) [s]

-Sparkill Ave! (Robert Breer, U.S., 1992) [s]

-Horse Over Tea Kettle (Robert Breer, U.S., 1962) [s]

-Homage to Jean Tinguely's "Homage to New York" (Robert Breer, U.S., 1960) [s]

-Image by Images IV (Robert Breer, U.S., 1955) [s]

-Jamestown Baloos (Robert Breer, U.S., 1957) [s]

/-Recreation (Robert Breer, U.S., 1956) [s]

-Rubber Cement (Robert Breer, U.S., 1976) [s]

-Form Phases III (Robert Breer, U.S., 1953) [s]

-Form Phases I (Robert Breer, U.S., 1952) [s]

-Form Phases II (Robert Breer, U.S., 1953) [s]

/-Form Phases III (Robert Breer, U.S., 1953) [s]

-Cats (Robert Breer, U.S., 1956) [s]

/-Breathing (Robert Breer, U.S., 1963) [s]

-A Frog on the Swing (Robert Breer, U.S., 1989) [s]

-66 (Robert Breer, U.S., 1966) [s]

-Cade: The Tortured Crossing (Neil Breen, U.S., 2023)

-Through the Ruins (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1982) [s]

-I've Heard the Mermaids Singing (Patricia Rozema, Canada, 1987)

-The Watermelon Woman (Cheryl Dunye, U.S., 1996)

/-Riddles of the Sphinx (Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen, U.K., 1977)

/-El Valley Centro (James Benning, U.S., 1999)

-Hundreds of Beavers (Mike Cheslik, U.S., 2022)

-La Commune (Paris, 1871) (Peter Watkins, France, 2001)

-Amy! (Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen, U.K., 1979) [m]

-Sketch Film #1 (Tomonari Nishikawa, U.S. / Japan, 2005) [s]

-Terrestrial Verses (Ali Asgari and Alireza Khatami, Iran, 2023)

-Adrift Potentials (Leonardo Pirondi, U.S. / Brazil, 2024) [s]

-The Supergrass (Peter Richardson, U.K., 1985)

-Cliffhanger (Renny Harlin, U.S. / France / Italy, 1993)

-Asphalt City (Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, U.S. / U.K., 2023)

-Four Flies on Grey Velvet (Dario Argento, Italy / France, 1971)

/-The Grand Bizarre (Jodie Mack, U.S., 2018) [m]

-Evil Does Not Exist (Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Japan, 2023)



-Omen (Baloji, Dem. Rep. of Congo / Belgium / France / Netherlands / Saudi Arabia / South Africa / U.S., 2023)

The Beast (Bertrand Bonello, France / Canada, 2023)

-The Good Fairy (William Wyler, U.S., 1935)

-Intercontinent (Peter Rose, U.S., 2024) [s]

-Queen of Diamonds (Nina Menkes, U.S., 1991)

-The Settlers (Felipe Gálvez, Chile / Argentina / Denmark / France / Germany / Sweden / Taiwan / U.K., 2023)

-barrunto (Emilia Beatriz, Puerto Rico / U.K., 2024)

-Sleep with Your Eyes Open (Nele Wohlatz, Argentina / Brazil / Germany / Taiwan, 2024) [W/O]

-The Garden Cadences (Dane Komljen, Germany, 2024) [m]

-Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry (Elene Naveriani, Georgia / Switzerland, 2023)

-Chime (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Japan, 2024) [m]

/-Adrift Potentials (Leonardo Pirondi, U.S. / Brazil, 2024) [s]

-Slow (Marija Kavtaradzė, Lithuania / Spain / Sweden, 2023)

-Love Lies Bleeding (Rose Glass, U.K. / U.S., 2024)

-The Invasion (Sergei Loznitsa, Ukraine / France / Netherlands / Czechia / U.S., 2024)

-Paul (Klaus Lemke, West Germany, 1974)

-The Shameless (Konstantin Bojanov, India / Bulgaria / France / Switzerland / Taiwan, 2024)

-In Retreat (Maisam Ali, India / France, 2024)

-Gut Instinct (Doug Dillaman, U.S. / New Zealand) [workprint]

-My Sunshine (Hiroshi Okuyama, Japan / France, 2024)

-Jim's Story (Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu, France, 2024)

-Sasquatch Sunset (David and Nathan Zellner, U.S., 2024)

-The Colours (Abbas Kiarostami, Iran, 1976) [s]

-Challengers (Luca Guadagnino, U.S. / Italy, 2024)

-Grandmamauntsistercat (Zuza Banasinska, Poland / Netherlands, 2024) [s]

-Trágame nube (el cuerpo establece el ritmo) [single channel edit] (Esperanza Collado, Spain, 2023) [s]

-Till the End of the Night (Christoph Hochhäusler, Germany, 2023)

-Stunting Cunts (Gina Kamentsky, U.S., 2020) [s]

-Touch the Water (Yusuf Demirörs, Turkey / U.S., 2023) [s]

-I Have Something to Get Off My Chest (Cedar O'Dowd, U.S., 2024) [s]

-EW (Claire Maske and Tati Chavitage, U.S., date unk.) [s]

-Título 1 (Saru Miras and Ceci Romero, Spain, 2021) [s]

-So Many Love Stories (Camille Simon Baudry, France, 2023) [s]

-Typhoon Diary (Grace Zhang, Hong Kong) [workprint]

-that I have broken into two (Ellery Bryan, U.S., date unk.) [s]

-Transistors (Frances Arpaia, U.S., 2019) [s]

-Proof of Existence (Yaz Josiah, country unk., date unk.) [s]

-Golden Voice (Mars Verrone, Cambodia / U.S., 2023) [s]



-Neither Here Nor There (Ley Comas, Dominican Republic / Costa Rica / U.S., 2021) [s]

-Hold Me Tight (Mathieu Amalric, France / Belgium / Germany, 2021)

-your daughter was here (Sadhini Weerasekera, Sri Lanka, 2022) [s]

-Gut Feelings: Fragments of Truth (Katayoun Jalilipour, U.K. / Iran, 2021) [s]

-Heritage Architecture (Lily Jue Sheng, U.S. / Hong Kong, 2024) [s]

-T-Blockers (Alice Maio Mackay, Australia, 2023)

-Change (Lily Jue Sheng, U.S. / Hong Kong, 2016) [s]

-Earth Light (Guy Gilles, France, 1970)

-Hit Man (Richard Linklater, U.S., 2023)

-Serpent's Path (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Japan, 1998)

-Stress Positions (Theda Hammel, U.S., 2024) [W/O]

-Foremost by Night (Victor Iriarte, Spain / Portugal / France, 2023)

/-Offering (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1978) [s]

-The Circular Scene (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1982) [s]

/-Through the Ruins (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1982) [s]

-Ventana (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1975) [s]

-Vadi-Samvadi (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1981) [s]

-Lux Taal (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 2009) [s]

-B.A.Rock 1971 (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1971) [s]

-5 Aspects 5 (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1971) [s]

-The Evolution of the Stones (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1988) [s]

-I'll make you pay for this (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1986) [s]

-Gamelan (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1981) [s]

-Rosoideae (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 2018) [s]

/-Ten Second Film (Bruce Conner, U.S., 1965) [s] [x4]

-Aspiraciones (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1976) [s]

-trio 1990 (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 2016) [s]

-Templo Cerrado (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1982) [s]

-S/T (Claudio Caldini, Argentina / Canada, 2007) [s]

-Film Gaudí (Claudio Caldini, Argentina / Spain, 1975) [s]

-Cuarteto (Claudion Caldini, Argentina, 1978) [s]

/-Simulacro (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1990) [s]

/-Heliografía (remix) (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 2021) [s]

-Prisma (Claudio Caldini, Argentina / U.K., 2005) [s]

-A Dwarf in the Garden (Claudio Caldini, Argentina, 1981) [s]

-Lechuza (Lisandro Alonso, Argentina, 2009) [s]

-60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero [cam rip] (various, Estonia, 2011)

/-Music (Angela Schanelec, Germany / France / Greece / Serbia, 2023)

/-I Was at Home, But... (Angela Schanelec, Germany / Serbia, 2019)

-Sheepwoman (Mike Leggett, U.K., 1975) [s]

-Vistasound (Mike Leggett, U.K., 1982) [m]

-Roman Numeral: I (Stan Brakhage, U.S., 1979) [s]

-Remains (Konrad Steiner, U.S., 1990) [s]

-Fireside (Konrad Steiner, U.S., 1983) [s]

-End Over End (Konrad Steiner, U.S., 1988) [s]

-Permutations and Combinations (R. Bruce Elder, Canada, 1976) [s]

/-Orly (Angela Schanelec, France / Germany, 2010)

/-Wait (Ernie Gehr, U.S., 1968) [s]

-I Saw the TV Glow (Jane Schoenbrun, U.S., 2024)

-Consuming Spirits (Chris Sullivan, U.S., 2012)

-Room of Shadows (Camilo Restrepo, France / Spain, 2024) [m]

-Fancy Dance (Erica Tremblay, U.S., 2023)

-The Spirit of the Spider (Antonia Rossi, Chile, 2024) [m]

-Life Story (Jessica Dunn Rovinelli, U.S., 2024) [s]

-Marginalia (Jerome Hiler, U.S., 2005) [s]

-Land Without Words (Antoinette Zwirchmayr, Austria, 2024) [m]

-The Ballad of Suzanne Césaire (Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich, U.S., 2024)

-AGGRO DR1FT (Harmony Korine, U.S. / France, 2023)



-Où sont tous mes amants? (Jean-Claude Rousseau, France, 2024) [s]

-Flamenco (Jean-Claude Rousseau, France, 2024) [s]

-Marbled Golden Eyes (Kevin Jerome Everson, U.S., 2024) [s]

-A Fidai Film (Kamal Aljafari, Palestine / Brazil / France / Germany / Qatar, 2024)

-Undr (Kamal Aljafri, Palestine, 2024) [s]

-Eureka (Lisandro Alonso, Argentina / France / Germany / Mexico / Portugal, 2023)

-One Hundred Nails (Ermanno Olmi, Italy, 2007)

-Eternity and a Day (Theo Angelopoulos, Greece / France / Germany / Italy, 1998)

-Apocalypse Now (Francis Ford Coppola, U.S., 1979)

-Brief History of a Family (Lin Jianjie, China / Denmark / France / Qatar, 2024)

-Untitled 77-A (Han Ok-hee, South Korea, 1977) [s]

-Riddle of Fire (Weston Razooli, U.S. / France, 2023) [W/O]

-The Empire (Bruno Dumont, France / Belgium / Germany / Italy / Portugal, 2024)








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