All films from U.S.A. unless otherwise specified.

(- seen on video; / repeat viewing; [p] paracinema (installation, etc.); [s] short, under 30 minutes; [m] medium length, 30-69 min; * grade changed upon repeat viewing; \ repeat viewing of something I walked out of or fell asleep during)


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-The Wandering Soap Opera (Raúl Ruiz / Valeria Sarmiento, Chile, 1990/2017) [7]

/-Pumpkin Movie (Sophy Romvari, Canada) [s] [7]

-Migration (David Rimmer, Canada, 1968) [s]

-Object Conversation (Paul Glabicki, 1984) [s]

-Saint Flournoy Lobos-Logos and the Eastern European Fetus Taxing Japan Brides in West Coast Places Sucking Alabama Air (Will Hindle, 1970) [s]

-π (Darren Aronofsky, 1998)

-Tarrafal (Pedro Neves, Portugal) [4]

-Nobody Sleep (Mateo Cabeza, Spain) [5]

-Black Level (Valentyn Vasyanovych, Ukraine) [6]

-Daybreak (Gentian Koçi, Albania / Greece) [5]

-February (Kim Joonghyun, South Korea) [6]

-Denmark (Kaspar Rune Larsen, Denmark) [4]

-A Special Day (Homayoun Asadian, Iran) [W/O] (0:33)

-Team Hurricane (Annika Berg, Denmark) [7]

/-The Namesake (Mira Nair, U.S. / India, 2006)

-Law of the Land (Jussi Hilteren, Finland / Norway) [4]

-Ambiguous Places (Ikeda Akira, Japan) [2]

-Anna's War (Aleksey Fedorchenko, Russia) [7]

-Black Heart (Rosa Coutinho Cabral, Portugal) [4]

-Actua I (Philippe Garrel, France, 1968) [s]

-Light Licks: Amazing Grace (Saul Levine, 2000) [s]

-Light Licks: I Saw the Light Praise the Dark (Saul Levine, 2000) [s]

-Paddington 2 (Paul King, U.K.) [6]

-The Green Fog (Guy Maddin & Evan Johnson & Galen Johnson, U.S. / Canada) [m] [7]

-In Between (Maysaloun Hamoud, Israel / France) [5]

-Orchard (Julie Murray, U.S. / Ireland, 2004) [s]

-Hand Held Day (Gary Beydler, 1975) [s]

-Portland (Greta Snider, 1996) [s]

/-Red Shift (Emily Richardson, U.K., 2001) [s]

-Swish (Jean Sousa, 1982) [s]

-A Study in Natural Magic (Charlotte Pryce, 2013) [s]

-Riverbody (Alice Anne Parker [Anne Severson], 1970) [s]

-The Biscuit Song (Inkblot #11) (Luther Price, 2007-08) [s]

-Releasing Human Energies (Mark Toscano, 2012) [s]

-Associations (John Smith, U.K., 1975) [s]

/-Flower, the Boy, the Librarian (Stephanie Barber, 1997) [s]

-Thine Inward-Looking Eyes (Thad Povey, 1993) [s]

/-Mercy (Abigail Child, 1989) [s]

/-Akbar (Richard Myers, 1970) [s]

-Nice Biscotts #1 (Luther Price, 2005) [s]

-Nice Biscotts #2 (Luther Price, 2005) [s]

-Degrees of Limitation (Scott Stark, 1982) [s]

-Duo Concertantes (Lawrence Jordan, 1964) [s]

-Terrace 49 (Janie Geiser, 2004) [s]

-Love It / Leave It (Tom Palazzolo, 1973) [s]

-Lie Back and Enjoy It (JoAnn Elam, 1982) [s]

/-Chronicles of a Lying Spirit (by Kelly Gabron) (Cauleen Smith, 1992) [s]

/-Point de Gaze (Jodie Mack, 2012) [s]

-Dyketactics (Barbara Hammer, 1974) [s]

/-Continuum (Dominic Angerame, 1987) [s]

/-Removed (Naomi Uman, 1999) [s]

/-Alpsee (Matthias Müller, Germany, 1995) [s]

/-Decodings (Michael Wallin, 1988) [s]

/-My Name is Oona (Gunvor Nelson, 1969) [s]

/-Moon Streams (Mary Beth Reed, 2000) [s]

-Encounters I May or May Not Have Had With Peter Berlin (Mariah Garnett, 2014) [s]

/-Site Visit (Maïa Cybele Carpenter, 1998) [s]

/-The Girl's Nervy (Jennifer Reeves, 1995) [s]

-Fake Fruit Factory (Chick Stramd, 1986)

/-The Snowman (Phil Solomon, 1995) [s]

/-But No One (Su Friedrich, 1982) [s]

/-Swiss Army Knife With Rats and Pigeons (Robert Breer, 1980) [s]




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