All films from U.S.A. unless otherwise specified.

(- seen on video; / repeat viewing; [p] paracinema (installation, etc.); [s] short, under 30 minutes; [m] medium length, 30-69 min; * grade changed upon repeat viewing; \ repeat viewing of something I walked out of or fell asleep during)


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-Knife + Heart (Yann Gonzalez, France / Mexico / Switzerland) [7]

-She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (John Ford, 1949)

-Happy New Year, Colin Burstead (Ben Wheatley, U.K.) [6]

-What Places of Heaven, What Planets Directed, How Long the Effects? or, the General Accidents of the World (David Gatten, 2013) [m]

-Jupiter's Moon (Kornél Mundruczó, Hungary / France / Germany) [W/O] (1:04)

-Tondal's Vision (Stephen Broomer, Canada) [m] [7]

-Chongqing Blues (Wang Xiaoshuai, China, 2010)

-Inca Light (Robert Fulton, U.S. / Peru, 1972) [s]

-The Family (Rok Biček, Slovenia / Austria) [6]

-The Family [short version] (Rok Biček, Slovenia, 2007) [m]

-Black and White Film (Robert Huot, 1969) [s]

-Beautiful Movie (Robert Huot, 1974) [s]

-Snow (Robert Huot, 1971) [s]

-I Remember the Crows (Gustavo Vinagre, Brazil) [7]

-Rojo (Benjamín Naishtat, Argentina / Brazil / France / Netherlands / Germany) [7]

-Replicas (Jeffrey Nachmanoff, U.K. / China / Puerto Rico / U.S.) [5]

/-A Place Called Lovely (Sadie Benning, 1991) [s]

/-Five Year Diary, Reel 80: Emily Died (Anne Charlotte Robertson, 1994) [s]

-A Simple Story (Marcel Hanoun, France, 1959) [m]

-Touch Me Not (Adina Pintilie, Romania / Germany / Czech Republic / Bulgaria / France) [4]

-The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (Terry Gilliam, Spain / Belgium / France / Portugal / U.K.) [7]

-Daisy Kenyon (Otto Preminger, 1947)

-Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania (Jonas Mekas, U.S. / Lithuania, 1972)

-Clara's Ghost (Bridey Elliott) [W/O] (0:38)

-Turbulence (Ruy Guerra, Brazil / Cuba / Portugal, 2000)

-Never Look Away [Werk ohne Autor] (Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Germany / Italy) [W/O] (0:59)

-Walking On Water (Andrey M. Paounov, Italy / U.S. / Germany / U.A.E.) [5]

-Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani? (Shinji Aoyama, Japan, 2005)

/-Journey to Italy (Roberto Rossellini, U.S. / Italy, 1954)

-At War (Stéphane Brizé, France) [5]

-Le Pont du Nord (Jacques Rivette, France, 1981)

-Climax (Gaspar Noé, France / Belgium / U.S.) [7]

/-News From Home (Chantal Akerman, U.S. / Belgium, 1977)

-At Eternity's Gate (Julien Schnabel, Switzerland / Ireland / U.K. / France / U.S.) [5]

-Our Time (Carlos Reygadas, Mexico / France / Germany / Denmark / Sweden) [7]

-Pig (Mani Haghighi, Iran) [7]



-A Wild Stream (Nuria Ibáñez Castañeda, Mexico) [6]

-Ashore [aka Terra Franca] (Leonor Teles, Portugal) [7]

-Little Odessa (James Gray, 1994)

/-Trouble the Water (Tia Lessin and Carl Deal, 2008)

-The Price of Everything (Nathaniel Kahn) [4]

/-Bicycle Thieves (Vittorio de Sica, Italy, 1948)

/-Fahrenheit 9/11 (Michael Moore, U.S. / France, 2004)

-Pigs and Battleships (Shohei Imamura, Japan, 1961)

-No Data Plan (Miko Revereza) [7]

-Present.Perfect. (Shengze Zhu, U.S. / Hong Kong) [7]

-Close to Home (Nina Danino, U.K., 1985) [s]

-Les Proies (The Game) (Marine de Contes, France) [m] [6]

-Tempting Devils (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France) [6]

-The Grief of Others (Patrick Wang, 2015)

-Chinese Portrait (Wang Xiaoshuai, China / Switzerland) [8]

-In the Family (Patrick Wang, 2011)

/-A Day in the Country (Jean Renoir, France, 1936) [m]

-Sunday in Peking (Chris Marker, France / China, 1956) [s]

/-Sans Soleil (Chris Marker, France, 1983)

-Kitbull (Rosana Sullivan) [s] [7]

-Sugar (Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, 2008)

-Everybody Knows (Asghar Farhadi, Spain / France) [4]

-Paddleton (Alexandre Lehmann) [5]

-Leto (Kirill Serebrennikov, Russia / France) [6]

-Capernaum (Nadine Labaki, Lebanon / France / U.S.) [3]

-Weather Diary 1 (George Kuchar, 1986)

/-Hotel Diary 7: Dirty Pictures (John Smith, U.K., 2007) [s]

-The Plagiarists (Peter Parlow) [7]

-The Chambermaid (Lila Avilés, Mexico) [7]



-Now something is slowly changing (mint film office, Netherlands) [W/O] (0:45)

-Past Perfect (Jorge Jácome, Portugal) [s] [6]

-The Hottest August (Brett Story) [5]

/-The Untouchables (Brian De Palma, 1986)

-It's Kind of a Funny Story (Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, 2010)

/-The Act of Killing (Joshua Oppenheimer, U.K. / Denmark / Norway, 2012)

-The Odds of Recovery (Su Friedrich, 2002) [m]

-The Magic Life of V (Tonislav Hristov, Finland / Denmark / Bulgaria) [5]

-Mississippi Grind (Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, 2015)

/-Rear Window (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954)

-Vever (Deborah Stratman) [s] [7]

-Parsi (Eduardo Williams and Mariano Blatt, Mexico) [s] [7]

-Sauvage (Camille Vidal-Naquet, France) [4]

-Soleil Ô (Med Hondo, France / Mauritania, 1970)

-High Flying Bird (Steven Soderbergh) [7]

-MS Slavic 7 (Sofia Bohdanowicz and Deragh Campbell, Canada) [m] [7]

-Just Don't Think I'll Scream (Frank Beauvais, France) [8]

/-Shoot (Gaspar Noé, France, 2014) [s]

-Double-Blind [aka No Sex Last Night] (Sophie Calle and Greg Shepherd, 1996)

-Ghost Town Anthology (Denis Côté, Canada) [7]

/-Time Indefinite (Ross McElwee, 1993)

/-Cameraperson (Kirsten Johnson, 2016)

-I Was At Home, But... (Angela Schanelec, Germany) [8]

-Fourteen (Dan Sallitt) [8]

-So Pretty (Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli) [7]



/-Embracing (Naomi Kawase, Japan, 1992) [m]

/-What These Ashes Wanted (Philip Hoffman, Canada, 2001) [m]

-Shadow (Zhang Yimou, China) [7]

-Glass (M. Night Shyamalan) [6]

-Gina Kim's Video Diary (Gina Kim, U.S. / South Korea, 2002)

-It's In the Game (Sondra Perry) [s] [6]

-Peterloo (Mike Leigh, U.K.) [6]

-My Ain Folk (Bill Douglas, U.K., 1973) [m]

/-In the Bathtub of the World (Caveh Zahedi, 2001)

-Her Smell (Alex Ross Perry) [7]

-Hidden Man (Jiang Wen, China) [5]



-Sunset (László Nemes, Hungary / France) [5]

-A Summer Without Gitti (Maren Ade, Germany, 2010) [s]

-Rocket (Ulrich Köhler and Nina Könnemann, Germany, 1999) [s]

/-Everyone Else (Maren Ade, Germany, 2009)

-Be My Star (Valeska Grisebach, Germany, 2001) [m]

/-Bungalow (Ulrich Köhler, Germany, 2002)

-High Life (Claire Denis, France / Germany / Poland / U.K.) [5]

-The New King of Comedy (Stephen Chow, China) [7]

A group of student films:

--Late Morning Commute (Justin Smith) [m]

--The Compilations (Stevie Spurgin) [m]

--Film Diary: February 2019-May 2019 (Stephanie Leal) [m]

--A Week in the Life of Victoria Robertson (Victoria Robertson) [m]

--rema(i)nder (Traci Matlock) [m]

--Video Diary (Rylee Henson) [s]

--untitled (DeAun Ardoin)

--Diary 1-3 (Sam Rhodes) [m]

--untitled (Aliyah Lewis)

--Where I Was, Where I Am, Where I Will Be (Jamie Robertson) [m]

--Triag (Jessica Beyers)

--Film Diary (Kevin Segui) [m]

--Tourist (A Place to Dissolve) (Madison Luetge) [m]

--Self (Angelina Ramirez) [m]

-Noise (Olivier Assayas, France, 2006)

/--rema(i)nder (Traci Matlock) [new edit] [s]

/--Where I Was, Where I Am, Where I Will Be (Jamie Robertson) [s]

/--Tourist (A Place to Dissolve) (Madison Luetge) [m]

-Come Coyote (Dani and Sheilah ReStack, U.S. / Canada) [s] [7]

-Yomeddine (Abu Bakr Shawky, Egypt / U.S. / Austria) [5]

-Pelourinho, They Don't Really Care About Us (Akosua Adoma Owusu, Germany / Ghana / Brazil) [s] [9]

/-Come Coyote (Dani and Sheilah ReStack, U.S. / Canada) [s] [x2] [7]

/-Waydowntown (Gary Burns, Canada, 2000)

-Belonging (Burak Cevik, Turkey / Canada / France) [6]

-Vaterland (Thomas Heise, Germany, 2002)

-No Land (Emily Chao) [s] [7]

-Night Eyes (Arte Matu) [s] [4]

-Points (Syd Staiti) [s] [x2] [6]

/-Pelourinho, They Don't Really Care About Us (Akosua Adoma Owusu, Germany / Ghana /Brazil) [s] [9]

-Pwdre Ser the rot of stars (Charlotte Pryce) [s] [5]

-Gathering Moss (Erin Espelie) [s] [7]

-Lydon (Lucy Kerr) [s] [5]

-Lumen (Richard Ashrowan, U.K.) [s] [5]

-Ruins (Shona Masarin) [s] [4]

-Oven Scene (Lyndsey Bloom) [s] [7]

-A Post Post-Racial Apolitical Ode (Colored Collage #3) (Jon-Sesrie Goff) [s] [4]

-The Forcing (Lydia Moyer) [m] [3]

-The Forcing (epilogue) (Lydia Moyer) [s] [4]

-Mum's Cards (Luke Fowler, U.K.) [s] [7]

-Homage by Assassination (Elia Suleiman, Palestine / Tunisia / U.S., 1992) [s]

-Bait (Mark Jenkin, U.K.) [6]

-Booksmart (Olivia Wilde) [7]

-Material (Thomas Heise, Germany, 2009)

-Städtebewohner [Community Members] (Thomas Heise, Germany / Mexico, 2014)

-Mister Police (Scout Tafoya) [m] [6]

-Heimat Is a Space in Time (Thomas Heise, Germany / Austria) [8]



-Pasolini (Abel Ferrara, Italy / France / Belgium, 2014)

-Ayka (Sergey Dvortsevoy, Russia / Germany / Poland / Kazakhstan / China / France) [4]

-Nan (Peng Zuqiang, China) [rough cut]

-So Many Voices in the Silence Now (Cristiana Miranda, Brazil) [s] [6]

-A ogni uccello il suo nido è bello (Lorenzo Gattorna) [s] [5]

-cold soup, pubic hair, raw meat (Laura Gillmore) [s] [5]

-The Dead Don't Die (Jim Jarmusch, U.S. / Sweden) [6]

-The Beach Bum (Harmony Korine, Switzerland / U.K. / France / U.S.) [6]

-Two Sisters Who Are Not Sisters (Beatrice Gibson, France / U.K.) [s] [7]

-Mustererkenntnis (Pattern Cognition) (Thorsten Fleisch, Germany) [s] [4]

-Consequence (Thomas Heise, Germany, 2012) [m]

-Liberté (Albert Serra, France / Portugal / Spain) [tentative 7]

-Years of Construction (Heinz Emigholz, Germany) [6]

-A Room With a Coconut View (Tulapop Saenjaroen, Thailand) [m] [7]

-The Bed and the Street (Mike Hoolboom and Heather Frise, Canada) [s] [7]

-Fluorescent Girl (Janie Geiser) [s] [6]

-Dorothy (Diana Sánchez) [s] [4]

-A Study of Fly (Cherilyn Hsing-Hsin Liu) [s] [6]

-Between Dog and Wolf (Julia Dogra-Brazell, U.K.) [s] [4]

-Preemptive Listening (Part 1: The Fork in the Road) (Aura Satz, U.K.) [s] [6]

-Light Licks: Pardes: Counting Flowers on the Wall (Saul Levine) [s] [7]

-Love Seat (Lyndsay Bloom) [s] [7]

-Two (Vasilios Papaioannu) [s] [5]

-After DeCarava (Paige Taul) [s] [6]

-transcript (Erica Sheu, U.S. / Taiwan) [s] [7]

-everyday star (Rajee Samarasinghe, Sri Lanka / U.S.) [s] [4]

-When It Is Still (Anna Kipervaser) [s] [5]

-Helios (Eric Stewart) [s] [4]

-Wittnerchrome Notes I & II (Nick Collins, U.K.) [s] [6]

-Traveling Shoes (Kevin Jerome Everson) [s] [5]

-Black Bus Stop (Kevin Jerome Everson and Claudrena Harold) [s] [7]

-The Sequence of Years (Ben Balcom) [s] [6]

-Those That Tremble as if They Were Mad (Salma Shamel, U.S. / Egypt) [s] [5]

-A Soft Place to Fall (Nan Wang, China / Netherlands) [s] [4]

/-Lines of Force (Dan Browne, Canada) [s] [6]*

-Above the Rain (Ken Jacobs) [s] [8]

-Once Upon a Planet (Ken Jacobs) [s] [7]

-Take Me Somewhere Nice (Ena Sendijarević, Netherlands / Bosnia and Herzegovina) [5]

-Framing John DeLorean (Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce) [5]

-Eyes Do Not Want to Close at All Times, or, Perhaps One Day Rome Will Allow Herself to Choose in Her Turn (Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, West Germany / Italy, 1970)

-Our Mothers (César Díaz, Guatemala / Belgium / France) [5]



-Apollo 11 (Todd Douglas Miller) [6]

-Earth (Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Austria) [6]

-The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution (Maya Gallus, Canada) [6]

-La Flor (Mariano Llinás, Argentina) [7]

-Ralf's Colors (Lukas Marxt, Austria) [7]

-Austrian Pavilion (Philipp Fleischmann, Austria) [s] [8]

-Science Without Substance (Daniel Barnett) [7]

-Pain and Glory (Pedro Almodóvar, Spain) [6]

-Sword of Trust (Lynn Shelton) [7]

-A Faithful Man (Louis Garrel, France) [4]

-Non-Fiction [Doubles vies] (Olivier Assayas, France) [5]

-Inherent Drone (Colectivo Los Ingrávidos, Mexico) [s] [4]

-Redadas (Colectivo Los Ingrávidos, Mexico) [s] [4]

-Postal (Colectivo Los Ingrávidos, Mexico) [s] [6]

-Pink Curtain (Jennifer Bolande) [s] [5]

-Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno (Abdellatif Kechiche, France / Italy) [5]

/-Standard Time (Michael Snow, Canada, 1967) [s]

-The Sky is Clear and Blue Today (Ricky D'Ambrose) [s] [7]



-Footages [two-screen version] (Minjung Kim, U.S. / South Korea, 2015) [s]

/-The Sky is Clear and Blue Today (Ricky D'Ambrose) [s] [7]

-Teal (Björn Kämmerer, Austria / Germany) [s] [7]

-The Giverny Document (Ja'Tovia Gary) [m] [7]

-Low Tide (Eva Kolcze, Canada) [s] [7]

/-Austrian Pavilion (Philipp Fleischmann, Austria) [s] [8]

-Geometric Becomings 2 (Manuel DeLanda) [s] [6]

-(tourism studies) (Joshua Gen Solondz) [s] [7]

-Lore (Sky Hopinka, Ho-Chunk Nation / U.S.) [s] [6]

-Billy (Zachary Epcar) [s] [5]

/-Lore (Sky Hopinka, Ho-Chunk Nation / U.S.) [s] [6]

-A Topography of Memory (Burak Çevik, Turkey) [m] [7]

-Green Ash (Pablo Mazzolo, Argentina) [s] [7]

-E-Ticket (Simon Liu, U.K / U.S. / Hong Kong) [s] [7]

-Amusement Ride (Tomonari Nishikawa, Japan / U.S.) [s] [6]

/-Low Tide (Eva Kolcze, Canada) [s] [6]*

/-(tourism studies) (Joshua Gen Solondz) [s] [7]

/-E-Ticket (Simon Liu, U.K. / U.S. / Hong Kong) [s] [7]

-Heavy Metal Detox (Josef Dabernig, Austria) [s] [7]

-This Action Lies (James N. Kienitz Wilkins) [m] [7]

-Resin (Daniel Borgman, Denmark) [4]

-The Twentieth Century (Matthew Rankin, Canada) [7]

-I Am Not Alone (Garin Hovannisian, Armenia / U.S.) [6]

-Cézanne (Luke Fowler, U.K. / France) [s] [8]

-Circumplector (Gastón Solnicki, Argentina) [s] [x2] [6]

-San Vittore (Yuri Ancarani, Italy / Germany) [s] [7]

-A Tale of Three Sisters (Emin Alper, Turkey / Germany / Netherlands / Greece) [4]

-The Father (Petar Valchanov and Kristina Grozeva, Italy / Greece / Bulgaria) [5]

-Those That, at a Distance, Resemble Another (Jessica Sarah Rinland, Argentina / Spain / U.K.) [m] [5]



-Black Sun (Maureen Fazendiero, Portugal / France) [s] [5]

-Slow Volumes (Mike Gibisser) [s] [6]

-Sun Rave (Roy Samaha, Lebanon) [s] [6]

-God's Nightmares (Daniel Cockburn, Canada) [s] [4]

/-Slow Volumes (Mike Gibisser) [s] [6]

/-Sun Rave (Roy Samaha, Lebanon) [s] [7]*

-SaF05 (Charlotte Prodger, U.K. / Italy) [s] [5]

-The Bite (Pedro Neves Marques, Brazil / Portugal) [s] [5]

/-Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (Alejandro G. Iñárritu, 2014) [x2]

/-Transcript (Erica Sheu, U.S. / Taiwan) [s] [7]

-Devil Between the Legs (Arturo Ripstein, Mexico / Spain) [2]

-Second Generation (Miryam Charles, Canada) [s] [5]

-Hrvoji, Look at You From the Tower (Ryan Ferko, Slovenia / Croatia / Serbia / Canada) [s] [7]

-Who's Afraid of Ideology? (Marwa Arsanios, Lebanon) [m] [5]

-Book of Hours (Annie McDonell, Canada) [s] [6]

-We Still Have to Close Our Eyes (John Torres, Philippines) [s] [4]

-Un Film Dramatique (Éric Baudelaire, France) [8]

-Hope (Maria Sødahl, Norway / Sweden) [7]

-Ghost Strata (Ben Rivers, U.K.) [m] [7]

-Love Child (Eva Mulvad, Denmark) [7]

-Jordan River Anderson, the Messenger (Alanis Obomsawin, Canada) [m] [6]

-Letter to the Editor (Alan Berliner) [5]

-Murmur (Heather Young, Canada) [5]

/-Bicycle Thieves (Vittorio de Sica, Italy, 1948)

-Our Voice of Earth, Memory and Future (Jorge Garza and Marta Rodriguez, Colombia, 1982)

-Hochzeit im Paradies (Friedl vom Gröller, Austria) [s] [4]

-L'avenir (Friedl vom Gröller, Austria) [s] [6]

-The Tree (Henry Hills) [s] [6]

-The Mafia Is Not What It Used to Be (Franco Maresco, Italy) [7]

-About Endlessness (Roy Andersson, Sweden / Norway / Germany) [7]

/-A Word From the Management (Don McKellar, Canada, 2000) [s]

/-A Day in the Country (Jean Renoir, France, 1946) [s]



-Fast Color (Julia Hart) [7]

Forged Ways (Ephraim Asili, U.S. / Ethiopia, 2011) [s]

American Hunger (Ephraim Asili, U.S. / Ghana, 2013) [s]

/Many Thousands Gone (Ephraim Asili, U.S. / Brazil, 2015) [s]

/Kindah (Ephraim Asili, U.S. / Jamaica, 2016) [s]

/Fluid Frontiers (Ephraim Asili, U.S. / Canada) [s] [7]

Return of the Electric Love (Take II) (Ephraim Asili, U.S. / Canada) [s] [7]

Memories of the Space Age (Ephraim Asili, 2016) [s]

Calder for Peter (Ephraim Asili) [s] [7]

/Portraits & Sketches for Jean-Michel (Ephraim Asili) [s] [7]

/American Hunger (Ephraim Asili, U.S. / Ghana, 2013) [s]

/Fluid Frontiers (Ephraim Asili, U.S. / Canada) [s] [7]

-Mister America (Eric Notarnicola) [5]

-Color-Blind (Ben Russell, U.S. / France / Germany) [s] [6]

-Dear Babylon (Ayo Akingbade, U.K.) [s] [7]

-Parasite (Bong Joon-Ho, South Korea) [7]

-Synonyms (Nadav Lapid, Israel / France) [5]

-Joker (Todd Phillips) [5]



-El Camino (Vince Gilligan) [6]

-The Wild Goose Lake (Diao Yinan, China / France) [5]

-Light From Light (Paul Harrill) [7]

/-Meshes of the Afternoon (Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid, 1943) [s]

-Wasteland No. 2: Hardy, Hearty (Jodie Mack) [s] [7]

-Anne at Thirteen Thousand Feet (Kazik Radwanski, Canada) [6]

-The Red Album, or a Poetic Intent (Miryam Charles, Canada) [s] [7]

-Cakes Da Killa: No Homo (Ja'Tovia Gary, 2013) [s]

-Women's Work (Ja'Tovia Gary, 2012) [s]

/-Giverny I (Négresse Impériale) (Ja'Tovia Gary, 2017) [s] [7]

/-An Ecstatic Experience (Ja'Tovia Gary, 2015) [s]

/-The Giverny Document (Single Channel) (Ja'Tovia Gary) [m] [8]*

-The Whistlers (Corneliu Porumboiu, Romania / France / Germany) [6]

/Lore (Sky Hopinka, U.S. / Ho-Chunk Nation) [s] [7]

/Austrian Pavilion (Philipp Fleischmann, Austria) [s] [8]

/E-Ticket (Simon Liu, U.S. / U.K. / Hong Kong) [s] [7]

Cityscape (Michael Snow, Canada) [s] [8]

/Low Tide (Eva Kolcze, Canada) [s] [6]

/The Giverny Document (Single Channel) (Ja'Tovia Gary) [m] [8]

-Cavalcade (Johann Lurf, Austria) [s] [7]

-Zombi Child (Bertrand Bonello, France) [6]

-2008 (Blake Williams, Canada) [s] [7]

-more than everything (Rainer Kohlberger, Austria) [s] [5]

-Dolemite Is My Name (Craig Brewer) [7]

-Marriage Story (Noah Baumbach) [5]

-The Farewell (Lulu Wang) [5]

/-Four Women (Julie Dash, 1977) [s]

-A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Marielle Heller) [6]



-Trouble (Mariah Garnett, U.S. / U.K.) [5]

-Waves (Trey Edwards Shults) [4]

-Little Joe (Jessica Hausner, U.K. / Austria) [7]

-Easy Rider (James Benning, 2012)

-Love is the Message, the Message is Death (Arthur Jafa, 2016) [s]

-Before You Know It (Hannah Pearl Utt) [W/O] (0:28)

/-These Hammers Don't Hurt Us (Michael Robinson, 2011) [s]

/-Line Describing Your Mom (Michael Robinson, 2011) [s]

/-If the War Continues (Jonathan Schwartz, 2012) [s]

/-Happy Birthday (Jonathan Schwartz, 2010) [s]

-Animals Moving to the Sound of Drums (Jonathan Schwartz, 2013) [s]

-A Mystery Inside of a Fact (Jonathan Schwartz, 2016) [s]

/-Something Between Us (Jodie Mack, 2015) [s]

/-Let Your Light Shine (Jodie Mack, 2013) [s]

-Pulsars e Quasars (Paul Clipson, 2014) [s]

-La Paloma (Paul Clipson, 2014) [s]

/-Ich auch, auch, ich auch (Friedl vom Gröller, Austria, 2012) [s]

/-There is Land (Há Terra!) (Ana Vaz, Brazil, 2016) [s]

-Once Upon a Hollywood (Quentin Tarantino, U.S. / U.K. / China) [6]

/-As Without So Within (Manuela de Laborde, U.S. / Mexico, 2016) [s]

/-The Tony Longo Trilogy (Thom Andersen, 2014) [s]

/-26 Pulse Wrought - (Film for Rewinds) Vol. 1 Windows for Recursive Triangulation (Andrew Busti, 2014) [s]

/-26 Pulse Wrought - (Film for Rewinds) Vol. 3 Parallel Beams of the Ineffable Inefficiency of Words (Andrew Busti, 2015) [s]

/-Orpheus (Outtakes) (Mary Helena Clark, 2012) [s]

/-Palms (Mary Helena Clark, 2015) [s]

/-Rose Gold (Sara Cwynar, U.S. / Canada, 2017) [s] [7]*

/-Visual Pleasure (Catie Eller, 2012) [s]

-Dark Waters (Todd Haynes) [7]

/-The Innocents (Jean-Paul Kelly, Canada, 2014) [s]

/-A Minimal Difference (Jean-Paul Kelly, 2012) [s]

/-Figure-ground (Jean-Paul Kelly, Canada, 2013) [s]

/-Sea of Vapors (Sylvia Schedelbauer, Germany, 2014) [s]

/-Sounding Glass (Sylvia Schedelbauer, Germany, 2011) [s]

/-Lessons of War (Peggy Ahwesh, 2015) [s]

/-Occidente (Ana Vaz, Brazil, 2015) [s]

/-Hearts Are Trump Again (Dani [Leventhal] ReStack, 2010) [s]

/-The Watchmen (Fern Silva, 2017) [s] [7]

/-The Take-Up (Patrick Tennant, U.K., 2014) [s]

/-In the Absence of Light, Darkness Prevails (Fern Silva, U.S. / Brazil, 2010) [s]

-A Preface to Red (Jonathan Schwartz, U.S. / Turkey, 2011) [s]

/-A Movie by Jen Proctor (Jen Proctor, 2012) [s]

/-Tokyo-Ebisu (Tomonari Nishikawa, Japan, 2010) [s]

/-45 7 Broadway (Tomonari Nishikawa, U.S. / Japan, 2013) [s]

-Manhattan One Two Three Four (Tomonari Nishikawa, U.S. / Japan, 2014) [s]

-Sound of a Million Insects, Light of a Thousand Stars (Tomonari Nishikawa, Japan, 2015) [s]

/-Fish Point (Pablo Mazzolo, Argentina / Canada, 2015) [s]

-Photooxidation (Pablo Mazzolo, Argentina, 2013) [s]

/-I Am Micro (Shumona Goel and Shai Heredia, India, 2010) [s]

/-Halimuhfack (Christopher Harris, 2016) [s]

/-Portrait, Tea Time, Red Curtain (Helga Fanderl, Germany, 2010) [s]

-Blue Loop, July (Mike Gibisser, 2014) [s]

-Hat Trick (Katherin McInnis, 2014) [s]

/-Against Landscape (Joshua Gen Solondz, 2014) [s]

/-Decoy (Alee Peoples, 2017) [s] [5]*

/-Green Ash (Pablo Mazzolo, Argentina) [s] [7]

/-Luna e Santur (Joshua Gen Solondz, 2016) [s]

/-Fantasy Sentences (Dane Komljen, Germany / Denmark, 2017) [s] [7]*

-Deep Sleep (Basma Alsharif, Malta / France / Greece, 2014) [s]

-Under the Atmosphere (Mike Stoltz, 2014) [s]

-Queen & Slim (Melina Matsoukas) [5]

/-A Loft (Ken Jacobs, 2010) [s]

/-Razzle Dazzle (Jodie Mack, 2014) [s]

/-New Fancy Foils (Jodie Mack, 2013) [s]

-Ad Astra (James Gray, U.S. / China) [5]

-The Irishman [I Hear You Paint Houses] (Martin Scorsese, U.S. / Canada / Ireland) [tentative 7]

-A Trip Through the Mountains (Peter Liechti, Switzerland, 1986) [s]

/-Vertical / Horizontal (Peter Liechti, Switzerland, 1985) [s]

-Theatre of Hope (Peter Liechti, Switzerland, 1987) [s]

-Tauwetter (Peter Liechti, Switzerland, 1987) [s]

/-Kick That Habit (Peter Liechti, Switzerland, 1989) [m]

-Grimsel: An Eyewitness Account (Peter Liechti, Switzerland, 1990) [m]

-It Must Be Heaven (Elia Suleiman, Palestine / France / Canada / Germany / Turkey) [6]

-Young Ahmed (Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Belgium / France) [6]

-Noisefield (Woody and Steina Vasulka, 1974) [s]

-Fire Will Come (Oliver Laxe, Spain / France / Luxembourg) [4]

-Aquarela (Viktor Kossakovsky, U.K. / Germany / Denmark / U.S. / Greenland) [W/O] (0:35)

-Rest in Peace - Clown: Gone Forever (Luisa Andrade, Brazil) [s] [5]

-Bacurau (Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles, Brazil / France) [6]

-Uncut Gems (Josh and Benny Safdie) [7]

-Joan of Arc (Bruno Dumont, France) [8]

-The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open (Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers and Kathleen Hepburn, Canada / Norway) [6]

-PHX (X Is For Xylonite) (Frances Scott, U.K.) [s] [6]

-Vitalina Varela (Pedro Costa, Portugal) [tentative 7]

-Atlantics (Mati Diop, France / Senegal / Côte d'Ivoire / Belgium) [7]

-Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Céline Sciamma, France) [7]

-The Last Black Man in San Francisco (Joe Talbot) [5]

and that's what was seen in 2019.

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